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Monday, January 11, 2010

The War on Cancer

In 1971, the president declared war on cancer. Obviously, cancer has won. Lawyers profit by fabricating bogus causes for cancer rather helping to find cures. Sixty-nine percent more people are dying today, but some scientists do not give up searching for the truth. The politicians and lawyers happily profit from the situation by using the issue in their perverse ways. Cancer cells are still evil. I say poison them piperine and curcumin and Herbalife. PTL for cancer vaccines.

Healthy defensive stuff:

* Glutamine: 3000 mg per day away from food
* IP6 (inositol hexaphosphate): 1-3 grams per day
* AHCC (active hexose correlated compound): 3000 mg per day
* Lactoferrin: 300-900 mg per day
* PSK (protein bound polysaccharide K)(Coriolus): 3000 mg per day
* Cimetidine: 800 mg before bedtime
* Modified Citrus Pectin: 14-30 grams per day away from food
* Soy isoflavones (genistein): 100-200 mg per day with food
* Silibinin (component of milk thistle): 500-600 mg per day
* Chrysin: 1000 mg per day
* Green Tea: 650-1000 mg of EGCG per day
* Curcumin: BCM-95® extract: 400 mg per day with food OR 2500 mg per day of a regular curcumin supplement
* Resveratrol: 25mg before surgery; increase to 100-250mg 2 weeks after surgery
* Quercetin: 500-1000 mg per day

I prayed for my aunt. Now, I pray for Johanna's friend Emma. I don't know this Johanna except by sight and have no idea which Emma is her friend. Still, I pray because she asks.

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