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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Brownie, Jogging and Pudding

I am planning a totally imaginary party for 5 Feb. Only imaginary friends who call me by my real nickname are invited. I need three imaginary guests to whom I give my personal nicknames of Brownie, Jogging and Pudding. I will bake brownies to serve since they are my favorite. A brownie is more than a square cake and I am more than square. Only one candle because having one for each year is too many and may present a fire hazard. We will go jogging together. Then it will be time for the pudding. My favorite is coconut, vanilla cream. My guests will sing in some language I do not understand. Hopefully, it is their equivalent of happy birthday and hopefully they do not understand this post since it is in English. We talk and watch performances by Daren and Coldplay trying to decide who we like like better. Sorry Salem Al Fakir and Katherine Jenkins, maybe next year. I watched the YouTube video by GoSwedish on how to annoy people in her language. You just say "och" over and over. So, that is what I will have Brownie do. I never annoys me. I just gives me an excuse to talk and talk. Maybe, I will also have her say "what?" once in a while too. It makes me think she cares what I say. She gets to do the talking since she has the highest pitched voice. Sorry my mezzo friends, deep down I guess I still like sopranos. No lemonade allowed. Who would drink lemonade with brownies and pudding? Brownie does not like it anyway! I see Jogging looking at me and Brownie, while Pudding it playing with the pudding, using it to make a heart on top of a brownie. The sweetest brownie ever except for Brownie! Such is my birthday fantasy. Happy Birthday to me. Real friends are better, but when it comes to imaginary ones, mine are simply the best!!! I wonder if I should publish or just save. Fantasy should be private, but no one reads my blog anyway. One day I will publish, when it gets close to my birthday.

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