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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Barbara Ann

This post is for my cousin with that name. I got the idea Friday from you know who on facebook. Enjoy.

ah ba ba ba ba
barbarannn ba ba ba ba barbara ann oh barbara ann, taaaaake my
haaaaaaand you got me rockin' and a-rollin' rockin' and a-reelin'

ABBA, Olivia Newton-John & Andy Gibb performing Beach Boys

Friday, February 19, 2010

We're All Alone

performed by Юлия Beredenko Townsend MacLean

This is the song I was listening to when I found the wise comment by 健康保寶 on a post in my blog. Below are the other videos of Юлия that I enjoy. Of the songs in Russian, it is mostly the Christmas carols that I enjoy. If she sang in Sweden, I would enjoy her more because she would have more cooperative and happier people in the audience. My favorite people recenly visited New Zealand and my favorite singer, Katherine Jenkins, says that of the countries she has not sung in, New Zealand is where she would most like to put on a concert. She sings a number of the same songs as Юлия. If 健康保寶 reads my blog again, I hope 健康保寶 finds this post. That is why I mention the screen name,健康保寶.

Food Bank

Quest for Camelot – The Prayer

Being Healthy

This is a picture of a healthy molecule of SOD1. The colored balls include the copper and zinc atoms that are needed for the molecule to function. The molecule is believed to be toxic without them. Age related changes in SOD1 activity typically occur only in young adults. Goji berries may increase our production of SOD. So hopefully, you are getting the copper and zinc you need in your diet, but probably not.

PON-1 is also crutial. Pomegranate has been shown to up-regulate the gene that governs PON-1 production. It also helps to maintain the PON-1 bond within HDL. Other foods probably do the same thing, but their is no research yet. So, it is best to have some food that you know does it for you in the mean time.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The worlds largest owls

Bubo bubo och Bubo blakistoni


Matt Cavenaugh and Josefina Scaglione

This video I dedicate to Maria as a joke to myself. I met Maria in 2007 when she sat across from me and talked to me during dinner. Some days later, she came up and talked to me at the Moore's residence. I also encountered her sitting on the grass at the Freedom Surf Contest. I saw her again in 2009, but by that time she had forgotten that we ever met. If only her friends could have a memory like hers. She does have a friend whose middle name is Maria who asked if Maria was the same one I talked to in 2007. I can't dedicate it to her though, because she still remembers. Maybe, by 2011, I will have slipped from her mind, too. And with luck, in about three hundred years when all their handsome guys have drown surfing, they will appreciate my attention. I am not very popular, as you see. They tell me I should be a real surfer so I would be cool too, but I know in my heart that would not help. Enjoy the music.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Just my Opinion

If anyone else believed it, I would quote them.

My Editorial.
Depression. I keep wondering why most everyone in paradise seems depressed while the people in Sweden are dancing around poles or jumping up and with happiness. One of the inhabitants of paradise suggested it was because it so cold, they have to jump up and down to stay warm. That really shows how depressed the people here are. Their theory does not bear close scrutiny because they jump up down more in the summer and when visiting warm climates like here. I can’t believe that vitamin D has much effect, because there would be significant difference between lighter and darker skinned individuals which there is not, at least not in my observation. Nutritionist says that people get depressed for the same reason they get colds, etc. Namely, zinc deficiency affects the brain as well as the immune system. However, most of the depressed people say they have used drugs, so that is probably just as important a factor. Some more zinc probably would not help them. Too much zinc gives you a copper deficiency. Sweden is blessed with both copper and zinc. Zinc is so important to human nutrition that it is highly regulated in human milk. So, Swedish babies wouldn’t get any more zinc, just more copper. At least nobody’s babies will get depressed. Being around depressed people all the time is not healthy, especially for the blood pressure, human contact, etc. So, my solution is to visit Sweden on the internet. PTL, Sweden lives on the internet. So you can observe normal people other than the two year old kids and tourists here. My favorite place is their famous mining town, maybe because of all the copper and zinc in the soil, or maybe just there are so many fantastic people in that little town.

The military uses selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors to try to prevent soldiers from killing themselves. This more than anything else, highlights the nature of the changes in military culture that took place in the 1970’s. It is funny living in a world where people are so depressed that they don’t even recognize it as a problem. It is just normal for them since everyone is like that, because the world is so bad. Hasn’t anyone ever told them that no matter how bad one’s circumstances become, one’s own happiness is the one thing you can always control, unless you do something stupid like drugs, junk food, etc? Then, maybe it is too late for you. Oh well, what can I do except be happy, and let you believe the crazy things you do about me and my happiness. I do pity all the unhappy people in paradise,(notice I did not say living).

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Family Tree

I traced my family on the Camery side back to 1592. Lots of Camery's before that, but who knows if they are related to me. I find it really funny that deaths were recorded in Latin, the dead language, while births were recorded in English or German, our living, breathing languages. It is amazing how close the spelling of name is to what we use today. I thought it would be different. Here is an example. Too much trouble to try to trace my grandparents: Boothby, Corbin, Edgington, Poole, etc. Boothby seems to be an Anglo-Saxon version of a Danish name. Corbin is from Normandy, but I guess they lived in Scotland. Poole is an Anglo-Saxon name perhaps from Cheshire, England. Edgington is an Anglo-Saxon version of an English name, but I guess they actually lived in Wales. Everyone is pretty much related everyone on this planet. Few tourists from elsewhere in the universe, I guess.

Valentine's Day Swedish Lesson

In case, you missed part 1.

Feliz Día De Los Enamorados

Esto es un regalo para usted que no aprecia mis esfuerzos en el idioma sueco en el Día de San Valentín.

Esta es para todos, todo el mundo, América o no.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Glad alla hjärtans dag med dig

fler hundar Vaknar!

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My Dream

Hooray! I dreamed about about circuitry based on PIFD (100Ghz Phase Inverting, Frequency Doubling) devices rather than about her. I got a rather nice transmitter. I wonder if some alien on another has a receiver I could send messages too. Just joking. They would probably think I send weird messages, too. I do have that "Hej Hej Monica" song stuck in my brain. Where did that come from? I did check to make sure that the IBM graphene PIFD devices have already been invented, so I am not giving away any secrets. I am so PIFDed to be above 40Ghz.

this post is not for my friends

My friends know how to make the most perfect brownies. This is for people who don't have a clue. Coming from the future, I always made my brownies in the microwave, so they have the perfect consistency of Jello and ah so spongy! For those of you who have a cysteine deficiency and crave that ugly crust, but still want the brownies to look perfect. Here is how:

Brownie's American brownies are better, but I don't know her secrets and if I did I wouldn't tell!

Just for you on Valentine's Day

Mest romantiska videoklipp du aldrig har sett.



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Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Valentine's Day Message

My Valentine's Day party post.

My Valentine's Day Party

This is just stuff for my own enjoyment on Valentine's Day. Happy Valentine's Day to me!!!
Swedish Lesson

Johanna Gustafsson

Heart mitt Hjärta

Jag åkte upp till Falun och spelade in den med Staffan Lindfors på bas (som också gjort den svenska översättningen) och Ian Carr på gitarr.

Det är en present från oss för att fira Er, oss själva, Musiken och Alla Hjärtans Dag.
God Lyssning till er!

A song for you and me. Aldrig ska jag sluta älska dig

My Valentine just for you!


Mitt speciella budskap är konst slutet av videon...
Min Tusensköna - kommer kanske Sarah som om du inte?

Hej Hej Monika!

en otroligt, intim och seriös video till mina närmsta, käraste, underbaraste vänner...

English Version
Unreal Version

The Greatest Lies of the 20th Century (Hindsight is 100% and all that…)

• Graphene does not exist in free form. That our technology had to be based on silicon, MOS FETS, steel, toxic substances and a "science" that cannot even see the graphene all around us.
• That information in the human genome is encoded in only four bases and that it the same in each cell and does not change during mammalian development, etc.
• All the propaganda and philosophies that contradict this truth in the Holy Scriptures: λέγει αὐτοῖς ὁ Ἰησοῦς Οὐδέποτε ἀνέγνωτε ἐν ταῖς γραφαῖς Λίθον ὃν ἀπεδοκίμασαν οἱ οἰκοδομοῦντες οὗτος ἐγενήθη εἰς κεφαλὴν γωνίας• παρὰ κυρίου ἐγένετο αὕτη καὶ ἔστιν θαυμαστὴ ἐν ὀφθαλμοῖς ἡμῶν. That called our best, the worst and tried to exterminate them.
• That paranoid schizophrenic personalities make the best leaders and will protect us. That we should create imaginary enemies to gain support and ignore the real ones. That preaching hatred is acceptable.
• That just because it kills laboratory animals does not mean we humans need to take heed and not base our diet on it. That healthy food is unhealthy and vice versa. The great con game used to sell junk food.
• That the only way to make money is to sell something addictive or get people to sign on the dotted line enslaving them into paying forever.

I could go on, but what is the point. By greatest lies I mean the popular ones that most everyone pretends to believe. They seem to get a warm and fuzzy feeling that these fairy tales give them some great insight and will make them rich I suppose.


This is the country of 100,000 lakes, some of them very large (Vänern, Vättern and Mälaren) and you can’t go very far in Sweden without almost falling into one.

Summertime in Sweden, lakes are for basking beside, for swimming, for fishing and for boating. Wintertime, the lakes farther north freeze over and play host to skaters and ice fishing enthusiasts. Just witness the people swimming and fishing in Lake Mälaren in the middle of Stockholm, the water is clean (almost drinking quality) and you can catch salmon and other fish species here. And they are edible, just as the tap water in Sweden is very drinkable.

The Calm and Quiet Little Town of Falun

The copper mine in Falun (listed as an UNESCO world heritage site in 2001) is without a doubt one of the city’s most famous sights. For more than 1000 years it played a significant role both for the city’s economy and for Sweden as a great power, until it was put out of use in the beginning of the 90th century. Falun’s past as an important mining site reminds itself throughout the modern city and it’s surroundings. The main attraction at the site of the mine is the Great Pit - a huge hole which was created by a large cave-in in 1687.

The central parts of the town are best experienced on foot. No matter whether you choose to walk along the winding river Faluån or tour the Main Square you will be reminded of Falun’s past as a mining city. A good documentation of the past is found in the town’s residential areas, where old miners’ cottages showcase the special architecture and street system of the time.

If your into shopping, you will feel yourself at home along the city’s central shopping street, which boasts an enjoyable mix of both old and new, fascinating boutiques and big malls.

If you want to go beyond the city centre there are several alternatives. A bike trip around the lake Varpan (situatued slightly north of the city centre) will take you past many well preserved mine-owner homesteads. Such an estate, with its restored baroque garden, is found in the village Staberg, not far from the city centre. A bit further north, in the picturesque town Sundborn, lies the home of the popular Swedish painter Carl Larsson.

Those inclined to sports may enjoy the great facilities at the sports complex Lugnet , home to the Swedish National Ski Arena.

Apart from the famous Dalecarlian horse, Falun red paint, and the wooden houses painted with this paint, is for many the very essence of Sweden. It has gone from being a sign of prosperity and riches to become a paint used by the ordinary Swede. The paint is made of residue from the mine and known for its beautiful deep red colour and its effectiveness in preserving the wood on which it is painted. And it is proved environmentally sound too.

Those who want to bring home something edible should try out Falukorv (literally “Sausage from Falun”) – perhaps the most Swedish of all food products. Its history dates back to the mining times, when large amounts of ox hide were used to manufacture the ropes used for lifting the copper ore from the mine. As a by-product, large amounts of ox meat were left to be taken care of. The many German engineers that worked in the mine at the time proved to be able to contribute with their knowledge of how to make good-tasting sausages. Even though ox meat no longer is used , the tradition of making Falukorv lives on to this very day.

Falun Winter Activities

My parents wouldn't let me jump up and down in bed. So, I really like this one.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Last summer


A Decade of Change

10 years ago...


Probably not, but I do.

Gabriellas sång

I'm still trying to learn a little Swedish...

English Subtitles

Swedish Subtitles

Hålligång i skogen

The Worst Video for Valentine's Day

This is MTV's choice for the worst video for Valentine's day. Check it out on their website. Be quick, I am sure Jim and the recording company do not want this type of publicity and probably have the rights to the video. I am sure this will not annoy my imaginary friends, since they do not exist. If you think you are my imaginary friend, get real! I agree for once with MTV, the sentiments in this song are really bad, don't you think so, too? Any more and it would be funny. Imaginary friends on the other hand have to ignore me and my Valentine's day post, since they do not really exist. Have a happy Valentine's Day with your real friends.

*Morrissey - "The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get"

* Album Vauxhall & I
* Label Sire/Reprise Records
* Director Albert Watson

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentines Day

My image of Valentine's day is brownies that crumble into heart shaped designs by themselves. I hope they bake something for Surfers Church. Maybe I should, just in case. The ladies in Sweden probably do something more elaborate and creative in their baking and maybe even special gifts like those armbands that I would love to give.

Here all you get is a song and dreams...

Be my Valentine!!!


Click to see the rest of the photos.

Off to Wales on the helicopter... Really looking forward to s... on Twitpic

Having some photos taken at my church, trying to help them wi... on Twitpic

Kom! (Om du tror att du kan förföra mig .)

Swedish lesson #??

Yeah eh yeah, oh

Du tror att alla kvinnor vill ha dig
Har nog aldrig fått ett nej
Vem väljer du ikväll
Nå'n sexig blond modell?
Vem får dyra drinkar av dig?

Du tror att pengar kan ge dig allting
Och du saknar ingenting
Men mycket vill ha mer
Mycket, mycket mer
Du har missat någonting, så

Om du tror att du kan förföra mig
Bara kom!
Men med den taktiken
Tror jag att du blir besviken
Om du tror att du kan förföra mig
Om du vill va' min man
Visa vad du kan
Ja, kom och visa att du är en man

Varför skulle jag vilja ha dig
När du kommer fram till mig
Med samma dryga stil
Som skylten på din bil?
Tror du att det lockar mig, så

Om du tror att du kan förföra mig (Förföra mig)
Bara kom!
Men med den taktiken
Tror jag att du blir besviken
Om du tror att du kan förföra mig
Om du vill va' min man
Visa vad du kan
Ja, kom och visa att du är en man

Det känns som natten kan bli lång, åh
Man vinner inte varje gång...

(Om du tror att du kan förföra mig)
Åh, här har du mig!
(Bara kom!) Bara kom!
(Men med den taktiken)
Tror jag att du blir besviken
(Om du tror att du kan förföra mig)
Om du vill va' min man
Visa vad du kan
Ja, kom och visa att du är en man

I know where I am. So, I can't be lost.

Falun och magasinet ikväll!
hihi. Tog lite på fel ställe. Men jag kom iaf rätt till slampa.

Lutande tornet i Falun

Actually, I sam watching slide shows of all the Falun photos on Flickr to see if it reminds me of any Swedish.

Fy Falun

Maybe we need better songs. More FY!

The Hockey Trophy Song

More inspiring commercials like those old ones in rugby.

latest dance craze

The Falun Zombie

Läs vidare så får ni se vart världen för denna kille!

Välkommen till min blog.I hoppas att ni finner det intressant och kul.

Hej Baby! This is how thay sang in ancient times.

To the unknown and back...

Maria pre-Grease - Opposites attract???

Monday, February 8, 2010

Time will tell...

Cascada -- Ready for Love

See it is not scary at all, we have to try it.

"Insane" på Gröna Lund

Mysteries of Nutrition

The people who do research in nutrition keep getting more and more insistent on getting aloe into my diet. Not much, but a tiny bit an a more and more often. Not pure aloe as the undesirable constituents must be removed. This is just a note for myself to listen to their next talk to find out what is up in human nutrition.

NO, I don't read your blog!

I read your blog when you first started it by mistake. Per my doctors advice, I only read happy blogs. No "konstnärliga" temperament for me! Only happiness here. I do read those of your friends, even though they are on the other side of the world and write in Swedish, so I am never sure what they are saying. That just makes them more mysterious and and interesting like my next blog entry. I hope you find the key to happiness. I am looking for it, too.

Ha det Bra i Falun

I keep getting the urge to say "Ha det Bra i Hawaii" to the Swedes on Saturday night, but they would think it weird. So instead I write here: "Kära Imaginary Friend! Tack för födelsedagsfirande. Kul att se mer bilder och höra lite om hur ni har det. Men, du måste effektivisera dagbokskrivandet lite! Hur som helst hoppas ni får det härligt på Falun. Jag saknar dig...Aloha med dig"

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Performances special to me

Falun eller Faluån

Which came first?

Namnet Faluån är något omstritt då man tvistar om det är ån som givit namn åt staden eller staden som givit namn åt ån.

Ishockey och Landhockey

I am a fan of everyone from FY FALUN to the FALUN LADIES BANDY TEAM. The ones beside FY FALUN do not seem to get much press, but their supporters make up for it.

Ishockey versus Hockey (in Swedish) Ishockey är en lagsport som spelas på is under användning av skridskor, klubba av trä, lätt kompositmaterial, glasfiber eller aluminium och puck. Kallas ofta för hockey. Det namnet tillhör dock den sport som i Sverige, för att inte förväxlas med ishockey, brukar kallas landhockey.

2003.7.14 Grattis Victoria

Hej Madeleine! Var är Victoria? Främre raden naturligtvis!

In case, you have not met Madeleine. Here is an introduction:

Friday, February 5, 2010

Observations on Facebook

1. Glad to see you two back together again.
2. I love all the new photos.
3. I miss the three white sheep. I hope they didn't freeze.
4. Is that women Ludde's girl friend? Just wondering, I don't know Ludde or her.
5. Thanks for the links to your blogs. I subscribe, but anonymously. It makes me happy even though I can't really know you.
6. Happy birthday to me. Thanks for all the birthday wishes.
7. Godnatt världen! If you want to be one of my imaginary friends at my birthday party, leave comments below.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Vi som ska till Αγία Νάπα i Maj 2010. Vilka fan ska dit?

Answer: Surfing, water skiing, diving, etc.

The Adventures of Who??? (The Spirit of Sweden)

My post about April 2010 was so popular I am considering continuing the adventure through May. Just post a comment yes or no. This in case you have not yet decided. At least four of your friends in Falun know, including some who are thinking about doing STN for the first time. Happy Birthday to me, by the way.

Revised Birthday Party Guest List

Imaginary guests only please.

New nicknames for my guests
Ketchup is now called Peppermint Chai Tea
Tabasco is now Peppermint Latte
Cyclopes, Emmelie and the white sheep are now called collectively M&M's.
All the ladies that like Brownie's first boyfriend are collectively called Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream
All the ladies that like the other guy who has exactly the same name are collectively called Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Homemade
All the guys who like any of the ladies are called Flying Desert.
That completes the menu and includes everyone I hope. If not, you can come as A La Carte.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Enkel seger ena dagen och en jobbig förlust den andra.

Dig Vill jag Ha, Dig Vill jag Ha, ...

Roxette like never before!

Ja, må du leva!

Eight Hoorahs - count on your fingers

Ja må du leva
ja må du leva
ja må du leva
så länge du får
javisst ska du leva
javisst ska du leva
javisst ska du leva
så länge du får

Av vad ska du leva
av vad ska du leva
av vad ska du leva
så länge du får?
Av nåd ska du leva
av nåd ska du leva
av nåd ska du leva
så länge du får.

Och när du har levat
och när du har levat
och när du har levat
så länge du får
ja då ska du leva
ja då ska du leva
ja då ska du leva
där änglarna bor.

Ja Må Du Leva

Peter Öjerskog | MySpace Music Videos

You can sing "Happy Birthay to You" in Swedish, but that is not Svenska.

The Pyridoxamine Ban

How much should I buy before the ban takes it off the market. The expiration date is 06/11. One per day till then I guess. It has been in the food supply since the cave man. Do they really think they make me eat liver/burnt animal flesh to get the stuff? How barbaric. Is this really the 21st century? I am reading all the weird stuff in Google Scholar about pyridoxamine.

.. During this period, the Board of Patent Appeals repeatedly reaffirmed the logic of American Wood Paper, finding in separate cases that isolated and purified musk from a muskrat gland (184) and synthesized pure pyridoxamine (185) lacked invention and were, therefore ...

"Anti-macrocytic Anemia" Factors
• One is Pyridoxamine phosphate.
• The stimulatory factor is calcium and/or the peptide component of casein.
• Also, the Fermentation products of Lactobacillus lactis, Dorner.
• Finally, other factors include the B12 vitamin.

Pyridoxamine inhibits early renal disease and dyslipidemia in the … [PDF]

The AGE inhibitor pyridoxamine inhibits development of retinopathy in … [HTML]

Pyridoxamine lowers kidney crystals in experimental hyperoxaluria: a potential …

Exploitation of the Common Folk

I watched this boring video to understand how people justify their exploitation of others. Market research. How many must die. No hope here.

Google Translate

I have concluded that Google Translate must be Norwegian from the way it translates Swedish. What do you think? Consider sjukt. When someone says sjukt kul or sjukt fin, I cannot believe they mean "sick" or I would not be reading their blog(g)! Google Translate must be a totally emotionless computer program. So, Google why not give it some emotions, so it would be sjukt in the Swedish sense instead on the Norwegian? Google is still the best! Try Google Scholar and see why.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The adventures of guess who??? (Swedish, The Spirit of the Language)

En rastlös själ med spring i benen, alltid på väg någon annanstans - hittar aldrig riktigt fram. Letar vanligtvis efter ro i tillvaron bland korallrev i något tropiskt hav. Det ar ett privilegium att varje dag fa ta klivet in i denna maktiga, valkomnande, imponerande, fridfulla och otroligt vackra varld.

Fraga inte honom vad jag vill ha att ata, jag ar en egen individ och kan alldeles utmarkt tala for mig sjalv och gora mina egna val, tacksamycketdraathelvete.


Jag tog iaf in pa ett mycket trevligt hotell och njot av min forsta varma dusch sen jag lamnade Sverige i april 2010. Tror jag stod dar i 45 minuter tills hela jag sag ut som ett russin. Sen tittade jag pa Disney Channel halva natten.

En av hennes vänner kom fram till det hittills mest sannolika svaret:
"You just don't speak Girl"

Nej, antagligen int...e.

Kvinnor ar fran Venus.
Man ar fran Mars.

The Tower of Babel

The definition of "same".

This is the best I could find, but it leaves out common usage such as in Bahasa Malayu, mathematics, science and the ridiculous use in legalese to confuse the common folk.

1. from Middle English same, samme, samen; from (a) Anglo-Saxon same, similarly, in the same way, used only in combination with swā, so, as (swā same swā, the same as); cf. sam, conjunction, whether, or (sam … sam, whether … or); as a prefix sam,- denoting agreement or combination; = Old Saxon sama, samo, same = Middle Low German same, sam = Old High German sama, Middle High German same, sam, adverb, the same, likewise; (b) Anglo-Saxon samen, together, = Old Saxon saman = OFries. semin, samin, samen = Middle Low German samene = Old High German samant, Middle High German sament, samt, German samt, sammt, zu-sammen, together, together with, = Icelandic saman = Swedish samman = Danish sammen = Gothic (Moesogothic) samana, together, = Russian samnu, together; (c) as an adjective not in Anglo-Saxon, but of Scandinavian origin, from Icelandic samr = Swedish samma, samme = Danish samme = Old High German sam = Gothic (Moesogothic) sama, the same; = Greek ἅμα, at the same time, together, ὁμός, the same (later ὁμοίος, like), = Sanskrit sama, even, like, equal; cf. Sanskrit sa (in comp.), with, sam, with; Latin simul, together, similis, similar: see simultaneous, similar, etc.
2. from Middle English same, from Icelandic samr = Swedish samma, samme = Danish samme = Old High German sam = Gothic (Moesogothic) sama, the same: see same, adv.

Common usage:
1. Together. So ryde thay of by resoun bi the rygge bonez, Euenden to the haunche, that henged alle samen, & heuen hit vp al hole, & hwen hit of there. Sir Gawayne and the Green Knight (E. E. T. S.), l. 1345. On foote & on faire horsse fought thei samme. Alisaunder of Macedoine (E. E. T. S.), l. 342. For what concord han light and darke sam? Spenser, Shep. Cal., May.
2. Identical numerically; one in substance; not other; always preceded by the definite article or other definitive word (this or that). In this sense, same is predicable only of substances (things or persons), or of other kinds of objects which, having individuality are for the purposes of speech analogous to individual things, especially places and times. It is a relative term, implying that what comes to mind in one connection and what comes to mind in another connection are one individual or set of individuals in existence. The very same man that beguiled Master Slender of his chain cozened him of it. Shak., M. W. of W., iv. 5. 37. There was another bridge … built by the same man at the same time. Coryat, Crudities, I. 29. The very same dragoons ran away at Falkirk that ran away at Preston Pans. Walpole, Letters, II. 3.
3. Of one nature or general character; of one kind, degree, or amount: as, we see in men everywhere the same passions and the same vices; two flames that are the same in temperature; two bodies of the same dimensions; boxes that occupy the same space. Same, used in this way, expresses less a different meaning from def. 1, than a different (and often loose) mode of thinking; the thought is often that of equality rather than that of identity. Those things, says the Philosopher, are the same whose essence are one and the same. … Those things are said to be the same, says the Philosopher, in number, whose matter is one and the same. … Those things are the same in species whose ratio of essence is one. Burgersdicius, tr. by a Gentleman, i. 20. I rather pity than hate Turk and Infidel, for they are of the same Metal and bear the same Stamp as I do, though the Inscriptions differ. Howell, Letters, I. vi. 32. It hath bin inevitably prov'd that the natural and fundamental causes of political happines in all governments are the same. Milton, Reformation in Eng., ii. Ignatius Loyola … in the great Catholic reaction bore the same part which Luther bore in the great Protestant movement. Macaulay, Von Ranke's Hist. Popes. Bigotry is the same in every faith and every age. Prescott, Ferd. and Isa., ii. 6. The same sentiment which fits us for freedom itself makes us free. H. Spencer, Social Statics, p. 467. This ambiguity in the word same, whereby it means either individual identity or indistinguishable resemblance, has been often noticed, and from a logical or objective point of view justly complained of, as “engendering fallacies in otherwise enlightened understandings.” J. Ward, Encyc. Brit., XX. 81.
4. Just mentioned, or just about to be mentioned or denoted: often used for the sake of emphasis or to indicate contempt or vexation. Who is the same, which at my window peepes? … Is it not Cinthia? Spenser, Epithalamion, l. 372. For that same word, rebellion, did divide The action of their bodies from their souls. Shak., 2 Hen. IV., i. l. 194. Afterwards they flea him, and, obseruing certaine cere monies about the flesh, eat the same. Purchas, Pilgrimage, p. 425. No one was there that could compare With this same Andrew Lammie. Andrew Lammie (Child's Ballads, II. 191).
5. All the same nevertheless; notwithstanding; in spite of all: for all that. We see persons make good fortunes by them all the same. Disraeli, Coningsby, iv. 9.
6. At the same time. At one time; not later.
7. At the same time. However; nevertheless; still; yet: used to introduce a reservation, explanation, or fact not in conflict but in contrast with what has been said. Sir Peter. We shall now be the happiest couple— Lady T. And never differ again? Sir Peter. No, never!—though, at the same time, indeed, my dear Lady Teazle, you must watch your temper very seriously. Sheridan, School for Scandal, iii. 1.

MAC Video Upload From iPhoto to Flickr and FaceBook

1. Drag your movie file onto your desktop. (imovie makes movie with the unpopular "mov" format. (example
2. Rename the file and change the ".mov" to a more compatible format, for example "avi"
3. If you want to view the movies before you upload them use VLC player. it supports more formats than quicktime.

Other options are shown in this video

Quickly Upload Photos and Video to Facebook via Email

It works like this: Just log in and head to the Facebook Mobile page, then look for the custom email address under the Upload Photos via Email section. Copy the address, add it to your contacts, and next time you want to upload something to Facebook, just compose and email to your custom address and attach the files in question. Similarly, if someone sends you photos you want to upload to Facebook, you can simply forward the email and attachments to your custom Facebook address.

General Information on Facebook Videos.
Make sure the video is encoded in one of the following formats:
QuickTime Movie (mov)
Windows Media Video (wmv)
AVI Video (avi)
MPEG Video (mpg, mpeg)
Windows Media Video (asf)
MPEG-4 Video (mp4, mpeg4)
Mobile Video (3gpp, 3gp, 3g2)
Matroska Format (mkv)
Flash Player Video (flv)
DVD Video (vob)
Ogg Format (ogm)
Nullsoft Video (nsv)

You need to add the Video application to your account. You can find this application here, you can click this link after you log in.…

Once you have this application, follow these steps to upload a video:

1-Go to your profile.
2-Select the Wall tab.
3-Click 'Video' inside the Publisher box.
4-Select which type of video you'd like to make.
5-Follow the on screen directions for your particular upload type.

When you're done, click "Post" to generate a story about your video and store the video permanently in My Videos

Monday, February 1, 2010

Coenzyme 1 (NADH) - Professor George Birkmayer, MD, PhD

Another thing to investigate someday.

Fake Husbands on Facebook

Some women on facebook are so attractive that they need fake husbands to keep guys from messing with them. It lasts for a few months. Finally, she sends him a message. Then, it comes to an end. The fake husband does not even notice. But, her many admirers do. All the guys who click “like” on her latest post start acting weird, but amusingly, the girl with the same name as Jogging thinks it is because of her. The strangely attractive one adds her new photos and her real life goes on, "vi lever våran dröm, både borta och hemma"
♥ Men välkommen hem!

So does my imaginary life planning for my birthday. I wouldn’t want to be a fake husband to someone like that. I would play the role too well and write on her wall each day so she would know how much I cared. Who could take that? She would have to drop me after a week or less. However, at my imaginary birthday party, maybe Brownie might like to pretend just for fun. We could devise cunning ways to fool anyone who does not actually know her. Her white dress will be perfect for our impromptu wedding and reception pictures. We will need more guests. Ketchup and Puppy are invited. Don’t worry Ketchup. Jogging has promised not to call you Tabasco again. And, you are to be nice to Puppy, no matter how much she flirts by playing with her hair. We will work out the details at the party. You are more creative than I could ever be in these types of things.

This post is just to amuse myself and lift my spirits. I didn’t invite any of my friends on facebook because this is just an imaginary party and they are real. So, I hope to see my real friends this weekend and dream about my imaginary ones. But, of course, I wish my imagery ones were real too.