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Saturday, January 26, 2013

saknar dig nu

Sometimes Google Translate has trouble with the simplest things.  Below is my translation of the lyrics. I hope I did better than Google Translate.

Får jag berätta                 =  May I recount
säga som det är               =  saying it like it is?
Orkar du lyssna                =  Manage to listen
fast det är för sent           = even though it is too late.
Allting som hände             = Everything that happened,
hände mig för fort             = happened to me too fast.
Allt som jag kände            = Everything I felt,
blev alldeles allt för stort  = was just to much.
Alldeles för stort               = Far too much.

Men jag saknar dig nu                             = But I miss you.
Ja, jag saknar dig nu                               = Yes, I miss you now.
Och jag vet, du vaknar nån annanstans = And I know, you wake up somewhere else
i en annan stad i nån annan famn          = in another city, in somebody else's arms.
Men jag saknar dig nu                            = But I miss you now
när allt är slut                                          = that everything is over.

Jag bar på en längtan    = I have a longing
bort ifrån mig själv          =  to get away from my self.
Jag behövde din styrka  = I needed your strength.  
Jag behövde din hjälp    = I needed your help.
Kärleken vet jag             = The love I know
mycket lite om                 = very little about.
Men du kom mej nära     = But you got me close,
närmare än nån             = closer than anyone.
närmare än nån             = Closer than anyone.

Och jag saknar dej nu…. = And, I miss you now..

Sommar’n är över            = Summer is over. 
Luften har bli’tt sval         = The air has been cool.
Träden står nakna           = The trees are bare.
Sikten är så klar               = Visibility is so clear.
Snart kommer vinter         = Soon winter is coming,
mörker, is och snö            = darkness, ice and snow.
Minnena vissnar               = memories fade
Sen så ska dom dö           = and are slowly lost.
Sen så ska dom dö           = and are slowly lost.

Och jag saknar dej nu…    = And, I miss you now... 

Friday, January 18, 2013

The Whole Brain Catalog

I use the The Whole Brain Catalog on my PC. It is a 3-D imaging program for a database of structures in the brain.  These videos talk about it:

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Muammer Yildiz's Motor

Here are the links to everything you ever wanted to know about the devices.

link to information on the Yildiz Motor

Finally there is a patent that actually tells how to build one. The prototypes cost 22,000 Euro to build. He estimates cost will come down to 4 to 5 thousand Euro with mass production.


DE 10 2007 037 186 B3
WO 2009/019001 A2

link to Jorge L. Duarte's paper on the Yildiz Motor

Link to Download Other Documents

It says something about our world that Muammer looks for permission from his lawyer before he admits he invented the device.

Video of the Yildiz's Motor

Halil's Videos om YouTube

Photo Gallery

2009 Video

A Short Video
In the News

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Graphene Lectures that I Watched

These are rather long lectures about graphene. The first was not tagged as graphene.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Keri Recipe for Making Graphene

Keri researchers placed graphite and frozen carbon dioxide in a ball miller, which is a canister filled with stainless steel balls. The canister was turned for two days and the mechanical force produced flakes of graphite with edges essentially opened up to chemical interaction by carboxylic acid formed during the milling.
 The carboxylated edges make the graphite soluble in a class of solvents called protic solvents, which include water and methanol, and another class called polar aprotic solvents, which includes dimethyl sulfoxide.
 Once dispersed in a solvent, the flakes separate into graphene nanonsheets of five or fewer layers.
 To form large-area graphene nanosheet films, a solution of solvent and the edge-carboxylated graphene nanosheets was cast on silicon wafers 3.5 centimeters by 5 centimeters, and heated to 900 degrees Celsius. Again, the heat decarboxylated the edges, which then bonded with edges of neighboring pieces. The researchers say this process is limited only by the size of the wafer. The electrical conductivity of the resultant large-area films, even at a high optical transmittance, was still much higher than that of their counterparts from the acid oxidation.
 By using ammonia or sulfur trioxide as substitutes for dry ice and by using different solvents, "you can customize the edges for different applications," Baek said. "You can customize for electronics, supercapacitors, metal-free catalysts to replace platinum in fuel cells. You can customize the edges to assemble in two-dimensional and three-dimensional structures."

More Making Graphene Videos

Modified Hummer's Offeman Method

A) Low Temperature Stage

1) 5g Graphite 115mL H2SO4 (98%) 2.5g NaNO3

mix in an ice bath for 30 mins

2) 15g KMnO4

Slowly add, while stirring, over one hour. Stir for an additional hour keeping the temp below 5oC.

B) Mid Temperature Stage

Raise temperature to 45oC and stir for one hour. 

C) High Temperature Stage

230mL distilled water

Add 230mL water. Stir 30 for mins at 45oC

D) Termination

600mL distilled water
150mL H2O2 (9%)

add to mix

E) Finalisation
Wash in 5% HCL then distilled water. Dry

Add dried cake to 50mL of water and stir. Leave for 24 hours and filter. Discard filtrate. Solution is GO in water.