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Friday, January 15, 2010

New Years Resolutions

1. Not to bother anyone. So, help me keep it by not reading my blog unless you find it amusing like me. I don't know Swedish, so any comments on how to fix my translations would be greatly appreciated. I enjoy making a fool of myself trying to use it.

2. To smile and be friendly to everyone. My smile just means I like everyone.

3. To understand graphene and BECs, but not tell anyone.

4. To PTL and listen, too.

5. To know the difference between experiment facts and opinions and to consume Επιούσιος meals accordingly using Roche 454 sequencing, mass spectrometry, and other methods. Sorry for the Koine and no, I never translate this word. Figure it out from the context.

6. To always remember that people or things that others think are least important often turn out to be the foundation for everything.

7. To fast each day after supper till breakfast. Longer, of course, when I need a blood test.

8. To always be happy alone in my own imaginary world and to apologize to anyone who accidentally stumbles in.

9. To exercise in a more systematic manner.

10. To remember to always give thanks.

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