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Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Middle Sandén Sister, Frida

Frida Sandén's Biography

Frida Lina Marianne Sandén, born May 20 1994, is a Swedish singer/songwriter. Frida won the Swedish selection for Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2007 with her song, Nu eller aldrig. The song is about a friend who has betrayed her, and she has had enough. And now she wants to know if they are friends or not. In the final in Rotterdam on Holland December 8, 2007 she placed eighth with 83 points. She attends music classes at Adolf Fredrik's School in Stockholm with her sisters, Molly and Mimmi. Frida practices singing on the weekend in Gävle and is a member of the singing group, Helge. The band’s website is

During summer 2008, she participated in the musical, Hujeda me Vá. She does many songs together with Linus Wahlgren, Hanna Hedlund, Ola Fors Smed, Bianca Wahlgren-Ingrosso, Benjamin Wahlgren, Mimmi Sandén, Vendela Palmgren, Josefine Göte Stam and others.

Besides her singing, she loves to design her own clothes. She plays golf and tennis like Molly. She lives in Huddinge, outside Stockholm.

Frida Sanden - Nu eller aldrig

A Translation of Frida Sandén's Nu Eller Aldrig:
Now or never, woah oh

I'm trapped with all these angry words
This is how I feel
I who thought that we were friends
Nothing is easy on this earth
I wish you knew
I wish you understood

Now or never
Can't you see how I feel?
I don't want anything to do with you
Why do you have to ruin everything?
Now or never
Can't you see how I feel?
I can't forgive and forget
Anything else is a dream
Now or never, woah oh

Maybe you thought it it was all just a game
Every chance I gave you
Turned into a betrayal
But now my patience is at an end
I have to close the door
I can't take it any more

Now or never
Can't you see how I feel?
I don't want anything to do with you
Why do you have to ruin everything?
Now or never
Can't you see how I feel?
I can't forgive and forget
Anything else is a dream

A Sandén Before Vocal Training

This is the best I could I could find. It is back in the old days, long before she sold out to fame and fortune. Maybe the reason Mimmi Linnéa Marianne Sandén sings it so well, is because she was born on Christmas, 1995. At eight, you can already hear Molly in her voice.

At 11 years

Today's 13 year old Mimmi

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Do you wear green on Saint Patrick’s Day?

Then maybe you are one of the people that Katherine Jenkins intended to reach when she was interviewed by Alan Simpson on BBC Northern Ireland radio yesterday. Skip to time 1:29:40 and hear why you should vote hers as best album in the Classical Brits Awards. Listen to her song and request for your vote:


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tired of Blondes and Swedish?

Pernilla Wahlgren switches in the middle of this video. Nobody told me!

Molly My Marianne Sandén - Gabriellas Sång

Everyone wants to give Molly a hug when she sings this song from the movie, "As It is in Heaven".


Literal Translation
Gabrielle Ellas song
Det är nu som livet är mitt = It is now that my life is
Jag har fått en stund här på jorden = I have a moment here on earth
Och min längtan har fört mig hit = And my longing has brought me here
Det jag saknat och det jag fått = What I missed and what I have

Det är ändå vägen jag valt = It is still the way I chose
Min förtröstan långt bortom orden = My confidence far beyond words
Som har visat en liten bit = As has been shown a little bit
Av den himmel jag aldrig nått = Of the sky I never reached

Jag vill känna att jag lever = I want to feel that I live
All den tid jag har = All the time I have
Ska jag leva som jag vill = Should I live as I want
Jag vill känna att jag lever = I want to feel that I live
Veta att jag räcker till = Know that I am enough

Jag har aldrig glömt vem jag var = I have never forgotten who I was
Jag har bara låtit det sova = I have just let it sleep
Kanske hade jag inget val = Perhaps I had no choice
Bara viljan att finnas kvar = Only the will to exist

Jag vill leva lycklig för att jag är jag = I want to live happy because I am I
Kunna vara stark och fri = Be strong and free
Se hur natten går mot dag = See how the night goes against days
Jag är här och mitt liv är bara mitt = I am here and my life is just my
Och den himmel jag trodde fanns = And the heaven I thought was
Ska jag hitta där nånstans = Should I find somewhere where

Jag vill känna att jag levt mitt liv = I want to feel that I lived my life

Vote before May 1st

Please vote for "Sacred Arias" for best album at the Classical Brit Awards.... Tell all your friend about it. Thank you! Voting closes on the 1st.

A thought for today... 'I can only give my best to others when I am in touch with the best in me.' --- Katherine Jenkins

Do something nice for Katherine and feel good about yourself!

Today's Menu

My Breakfast
Herbalife Tea
Fresh Pineapple (one of the benefits of living in Hawaii)
Usual supplements: Herbalife Vitamin, 3 Cell Activator, Triple Berry, Xtra-Cal, etc.
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My Lunch
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My Supper
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Green Salad (dressing made with no salt)
5 grams Modified Citrus Pectin
Herbalife Tea
Usual Herbalife Supplements

It makes me want to run eight miles just thinking of all the nutrition.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cure for the Esther Blueburger Syndrome

Instead of saying “Hey Hey It's Esther Blueburger”, you form a circle, hold hands, jump up and down while singing “Hey Hey Hey, (substitute your name) is here”. Each person does it in turn. Here is an example:Then you are almost ready to click your heels together and journey to the land of Diggiloo 2009. But first, sing out Diggiloo-diggiley like this:

Subtitulado en español

Translation in English

Diggiloo 2008:

Diggiloo 2009
Dessutom är Molly tilltänkt som en joker på årets Diggiloo-turné.
2009-07-24 Diggiloo - Sälen
2009-07-25 Diggiloo - Hällefors
2009-07-26 Diggiloo - Eskilstuna
2009-08-12 Diggiloo - Ullared
2009-08-14 Diggiloo - Avesta
2009-08-15 Diggiloo - Stockholm

Friday, April 24, 2009

Molly Sandén's Allt Som Jag Kan Ge

Allt Som Jag Kan Ge =All I Can Give

Jag, jag drömde mig alltid bort = I, I am always dreaming away
Utan att se det som jag hade = without seeing what I had...
Jag tog allting för givet då =I took everything for granted then
Fast jag hade allt =But, I had it all
Så saknades någonting =So lacking in something

Allt som jag vill ha =Everything I want
Det finns här omkring mig =There is this about me
Mitt liv är nu idag, woah =My life is now, today, Woe Oh Oh
Allt som jag kan ge =All that I can give
Känslan inom mig =The feeling within me
Varje kort sekund =Each short second
Betyder allt =does everything.

Om man kunde ta vara på= If you could take advantage of
Det lilla man har och leva för stunden =the little you have and live for the moment.
Woah, jag har funnit min lycka nu, =Woe Oh Oh, I have found my happiness now.
I att förstå =I understand
Allt blir vad du gör det till, wuh =everything is what you make it, wuh uh

Allt som jag vill ha =Everything I want
Det finns här omkring mig =There is this about me
Mitt liv är nu idag, woah =My life is now, today, Woe Oh Oh
Allt som jag kan ge =All that I can give
Känslan inom mig =The feeling within me
Varje kort sekund =Each short second
Betyder allt =does everything.

I varje andetag =In every breath
Finns styrkan inom dig =is a strength inside of you.
I varje litet ögonblick finns hopp =In every little moment, there is hope.
Och längtan efter allt du drömmer om =And longing for everything you dream of
När du vill, när du kan =When you want, when you can

Allt som jag vill ha =Everything I want
Det finns här omkring mig =There is this about me
Mitt liv är nu idag, woah =My life is now today, Woe Oh Oh

Allt som jag vill ha =Everything I want
Det finns här omkring mig =There is this about me
Mitt liv är nu idag, woah =My life is now, today, Woe Oh Oh
Allt, allt jag kan ge =All, all I can give
Känslan inom mig =The feeling within me
Varje kort sekund =Each short second
Betyder allt =does everything.

How to Read Swedish

Suppose you want to read
The translation is
When she speaks in Swedish. she sings in English.

And vice versa.

But mostly she lets her singing do the talking.

Molly needs a hero and guys to quit stepping on the train of her gown!

The Many Sides of Pernilla Wahlgren

Sometimes I think a singer has sung a song perfectly. But, then I think of singers like Pernilla, Molly, Agnetha and Katherine and have to realize the others are missing some of the happiness that should be there.

Like An Angel in Heaven Above...

Like a Rock Star

The Sound of Music

She is, of course, one of the best sources for carols at Christmas. That will have to wait till December. She also sings "Thank You for the Music" in English, but I have posted to many renditions of it already.

More from the musical:

How Can Love Survive

I Am Sixteen, Going on Seventeen

Sound of Music: "Maria"

The Lonely Goatherd

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bilinqual Music on Swedish TV

There is program,Så ska det låta,on STV were they seem to make the contestants sing a lot of songs in English. Jessica Anderson was on SVT on March 13. They only keep the programs online a few months. The Eurovision Song Contest is currently there at this link, Pernilla Wahlgren and Molly Sandén seem to be the happiest people in Sweden. I go there to find some happy people.

What? You don't remember Molly in H.S. Musical.

The great thing about the terrible lyrics of "Thank You for the Music" in Swedish is that the great Swedish singers have to sing it in English. One more thing to be grateful for:

Quest for Camelot
Click here for the other version.
Thanks Molly.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Song for Today

Here is my translation. I will ask the next Swede I meet about the "Sinnerna" line. I don't understand that.

Kärleken Är Evig = Love Is Eternal
Music by Torgny Söderberg
Lyrics by Per Gessle

Drömmen om dig en gång = The dream of you once
Drömmen om dig är sann = The dream of you is true
För alltid, tillsammans = Forever together

Nu när alla gator ligger tomma = Now that all the streets are empty
Nu när jag är ensam, vill jag komma dig nära = Now when I'm alone, I would get you close
Jag hör ljudet från en trumma inom mig = I hear the sound of a drum in me
Ingen annan når mig som du når mig = No other reaches me that you reach me
Ingen annan får mig för du står mig så nära = No one else is me you are so close to me
Åh, det känns i hela kroppen inom mig = Oh, it feels like the entire body within me

Kom och följ mig fram = Come and follow me
Kom och ta min hand = Come and take my hand

Kärleken är evig när vi är tillsammans = Love is eternal, when we are together
Ingenting är större än det här = Nothing is bigger than this

Drömmen om dig än gång, drömmen om dig är sann =The dream of you once again, the dream of you is true
För alltid tillsammans = Forever together

Nu när månen lyser på mitt fönster = Now when the moon is shining on my window
Nu när hela himlen är kristaller som glänser = Now that the whole sky is crystal that shines
Vill jag inte hissa hjärtats vita flagg = I do not want to raise the heart's white flag
Sinnerna ska vakna, jobba över =? Sinn Erna should wake up, work over
Ljuset som jag saknat det är allt jag behöver = The light that I missed it is all I need
Jag vill gå och följa linjen i din hand = I want to go and follow the line in your hand

Jag vill vara här = I want to be here
Vara där du är = Be where you are

Kärleken är evig när vi är tillsammans = Love is eternal, when we are together
Ingenting är större än det här = Nothing is bigger than this
Drömmen om dig en gång, drömmen om dig är sann =The dream of you once, the dream of you is true

Kärleken är evig när vi är tillsammans = Love is eternal, when we are together
Ingenting är större än det här = Nothing is bigger than this
Drömmen om dig en gång, drömmen om dig är sann = The dream of you once, the dream of you is true

Tid för en tro och tid för en evig hamn = Time for a belief and time of an eternal port

Drömmen om dig är sann = The dream of you is true

Per Gessle is famous outside Sweden for Roxette. So, here is Marie:

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Junk Food

Buying Healthy Food

If you are rich, buying healthy food is easy. It can be a little tricky, because companies that sell healthy food generally do not advertise. If you are not rich, the secret is never to pay retail prices. You buy directly from the supplier and spend a whole lot less. You can get Herbalife products at up to 50% off of retail. You can get a similar break on Nutiva shakes. There are also occasional opportunities to get bargains when companies go out of business and there products are being liquidated, e.g., Xyience, is currently in that situation. For items that are not practical to have shipped or are perishable, there are Sams and Cosco.

Allergies --- Myth or Fact

People seem to waste a lot of time telling me about allergies. The only evidence they have is they hear about them from some celebrity on television. My strategy for avoiding allergies is not to watch television. It seems to work for me. Below is what research actually shows.

The prevalence of food allergy in the UK at present is estimated to be 1.4% of the population. This figure has been confirmed by double-blind, placebo-controlled food challenges. However, the perceived incidence among adults is over 20%. The prevalence is at its highest in young children, at 5-7% (5-7 children out of 100), although 80-90% of sufferers have outgrown their sensitivity by the age of three years. Children are likely to outgrow an allergy to milk or eggs, particularly if it is not IgE mediated, but are less likely to outgrow allergy to peanuts and fish.
The prevalence of cows’ milk allergy, for example, is estimated to be 2% in the first year of life. However, approximately 50% of infants will have recovered by one year of age and 90% by three years of age. Those who still have cows’ milk allergy after the age of three years are usually shown to be IgE-sensitized.
Probiotic treatment compared with placebo showed no effect on the cumulative incidence of allergic diseases but tended to reduce IgE-associated (atopic) diseases.
Reports of children’s food allergies in the U.S. suggest that 27% of children with food allergies also report skin allergies and 30% report respiratory allergies.
The most common foods to cause food allergy in adults are shrimp, lobster, crab, and other shellfish; peanuts (one of the chief foods responsible for severe anaphylaxis), walnuts and other tree nuts, fish, and eggs.

Lung Cancer

The TCF21 gene is found on chromosome 6 in a region known as 6q23-24. Methylation of this gene is risk factor for head and neck squamous cell carcinomas, non-small cell lung, breast and ovarian cancer, melanoma and lymphoma. Silencing the gene in epithelial cells through methylation effectively turns them into mesenchymal cells. Maybe we should drink more green tea.

Tyrd i ngweld i rhyw dydd yng Nghymru Fach!

Cymru Fach
Mae Os nad yw hin fawr mae hin ddigon
lle iddi gyd yn fy nghalon, Gymru fach.
Er crwydro o olwg ei bryniau
Ymhell oswn ei rhaeadray,
Mewn munud breuddwydiaf fy hunan
I fangre fy mebyd o bob man: Gymru fach.

Annwyl wlad mam a thad!
Os nad yw hi'n fawn mae hi'n ddigon
I lenwi, I lenwi fy nghalon,
Annwyl wlad!

Mae lle iddi I gyd yn fy nghalon, Gymru fach.
A thirion fo'r nef i'w gobeithion, Gymru fach.
Ei chestyll rhyfelgar faluriwyd,
Ond cadwed ei chalon ei breuddwyd!
Boed heddwch yn gan rhwng ei bryniau
A cherdded y gan dros y bryniau, Gymru fach.

I don't speak Welsh. Translating "Cymru Fach" is like translating "Jenkins". Saying "Jenkins" is the double diminutive of "John" does not quite make it poetically. Besides I am totally confused by the language. This is my extremely poor attempt at a translation, but maybe I learned something trying:

There is space for her greatness in my heart, “our little country”. Each mountain, each valley, each river, “our little country”.
Although I travel far from her hilltops, far from her resounding waterfalls, in minutes I shall dream my way back from afar to that sanctuary of my childhood: “our little country".

Beloved land, my mother and father! Not large, but large enough
To fill, to fill my heart "our little country"!

There is space for her greatness in my heart, “our little country”.
May heaven look kindly upon her aspirations, "our little country".
Her warlike castles are destroyed, but the dream will remain in her heart!
Let the song of peace resound among her hills;
Let the song trek along the the crest of her hills, "our little country".

Glycemic Index

The foods that generally have the highest glycemic index are fried breads, potatoes, pastries, pasta, and soft drinks. If what you eating has less than five grams of carbohydrates, then the glycemic index does not matter. The glycemic index of course varies with the type of bread, potatoes, pastries and pasta. Baked potatoes can get as high as 119. The glycemic index of pasta goes up the longer you cook it. It is of course possible to use low glycemic ingredients like barley and lentils like the ancients, but no one does that today.

Broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, mushrooms, onions, red peppers, etc. have a glycemic index of about 10. Cherries with all their sugar have an index of 22. And so it goes with soybeans 25, lentils 36, Apple 38, skim milk 46, strawberries 56, grapes 64, pomegranate juice 67, Honey 77. So, it is really easy to put together a balanced, healthy meal unless you are poor or trying to make money in the restaurant or supermarket business.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Health Tip

Bones and joint support.
Purchase here.

Cure Aging or Die Trying

Telomerase seems to increase the cancer risk among mice, but what about men. People seem willing to try anything except consuming balanced meals with fruits and vegetables.

Before We Can Add Years to Life, We Must Add Life to Years from Jeriaska on Vimeo.

Tomás-Loba A, Flores I, Fernández-Marcos PJ, Cayuela ML, Maraver A, Tejera A, Borrás C, Matheu A, Klatt P, Flores JM, Viña J, Serrano M, Blasco MA.

Telomeres and Telomerase Group, Molecular Oncology Program, Spanish National Cancer Centre CNIO, Madrid, Spain.

Telomerase confers limitless proliferative potential to most human cells through its ability to elongate telomeres, the natural ends of chromosomes, which otherwise would undergo progressive attrition and eventually compromise cell viability. However, the role of telomerase in organismal aging has remained unaddressed, in part because of the cancer-promoting activity of telomerase. To circumvent this problem, we have constitutively expressed telomerase reverse transcriptase (TERT), one of the components of telomerase, in mice engineered to be cancer resistant by means of enhanced expression of the tumor suppressors p53, p16, and p19ARF. In this context, TERT overexpression improves the fitness of epithelial barriers, particularly the skin and the intestine, and produces a systemic delay in aging accompanied by extension of the median life span. These results demonstrate that constitutive expression of Tert provides antiaging activity in the context of a mammalian organism.

Astragalus saponins (AST) modulate mTOR and ERK signaling with
NF-kappa B as target in native and cytokine-induced HT-29 colon
cancer cells

J.K.S. Ko1, N.L. Mok1, C.M. Wong1, K.K.W. Auyeung1. 1Hong Kong
Baptist University, School of Chinese Medicine, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Background: The total saponins of Astragalus membranaceus (AST)
possess potential anti-tumorigenic effects in human colon cancer cells
and tumor xenograft (Carcinogenesis 28:1347–1355, 2007). In the present
study, the proapoptotic effects of AST were investigated in native or TNFalpha
treated HT-29 cells to further unveil its mechanism of action.
Materials and Methods: The growth-inhibitory action of AST (60 mg/ml)
was evaluated in HT-29 cells using MTT viability assay. For cytokineinduced
cells, TNF-a (5 ng/ml) was added 1 h following AST treatment.
Western immunoblotting had been used to assess the protein expression
of apoptotic and transcription factors. Electrophoretic mobility shift assay
was conducted to reveal NF-kappa B DNA binding activity. Modulation of
cell proliferation by phase-specific cycle arrest was tested by flow cytometry.
Apoptotic analysis and detection of NF-kappa B subunit translocation were
determined by immunofluorescence nuclear staining.

Herbal (Astragalus) saponins inhibit HepG2 cell growth and promote apoptosis through NF- B and ERK signaling

Joshua Ko and Kathy Auyeung
Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

We have recently reported that the total saponins of the Chinese medicinal herb Astragalus membranaceus (AST) possess promising anti-tumorigenic effects in human colon cancer cells and tumor xenograft through inhibition of cell proliferation and promotion of apoptosis (Carcinogenesis 28:1347-1355, 2007). In the present study, the anti-carcinogenic effects of AST were further studied in HepG2 human hepatocellular carcinoma cells. We focused on the involvement of both extracellular signal-regulated kinases (ERK) and nuclear factor-kappa B (NF- B) signaling pathways in AST-induced apoptosis. Our results have shown that AST could suppress HepG2 cell growth, while at the same time downregulate expression of the liver tumor marker -fetoprotein. Furthermore, apoptosis was induced through caspase 3 activation and subsequent poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP) cleavage, leading to the appearance of nuclear chromatin condensation. Besides, downregulation of the anti-apoptotic proteins bcl-2 and bcl-xL were also observed following AST treatment. In order to unveil the underlying mechanism of action, DNA binding activity of the transcription factor NF- B was examined by electrophoretic mobility shift assay. Data have demonstrated that NF- B DNA binding activity was significantly decreased after AST treatment. On the other hand, expression of the phosphorylated form of ERK was found to be prominently increased in a dose-dependent manner. Pretreatment of PD98059, a strong inhibitor of ERK, facilitated the cleavage of PARP, indicating an active involvement of the ERK signaling pathway in AST-induced apoptotic activity. Taken together, our findings suggest that AST has the potential to be developed as an effective chemotherapeutic agent in treating liver cancers, with known molecular targets and precise mechanism of action.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Wink and a Star from Heaven

Seemingly anachronisms, but not really...

Antikythera mechanism:

The oldest known computer rebuilt:


I know I just see computers and graphene everywhere I look even in the Star of David.
This says something about me not the world.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Ancient Greek Food in a Nutshell

The longest and funniest word in the Greek language is:


It is an entirely fictional, supper dish that mixes limpets, slices of salt fish, thornbacks, whistle-fishes, cornel-berries, leftover brains, silphium, cheese, thrushes, honey, blackbirds, ringdoves, squabs, chickens, mullets, wagtails, rock-pigeons, hare, and wings ground in reduced new wine.

They also joked about barbarians eating beans until they got sickly and were conquered by the Macedonians. The actual food they ate was something like the following.
• Breakfast was bread made from barley and millet.
• Hercules had mashed beans, of course and Hippocrates recommended lentils.
• Soldiers had to eat cheese, onions and garlic.
• For lunch they added olives, figs, cheese or fish.
• For spice, they had parsley, coriander, cumin, dill, oregano, mint, and poppy seeds.
• You can get idea of their actual supper from what they could not eat while fasting.
Fasting on the sacred days of the Rarian Demeter:
The initiated are ordered to abstain from domestic birds, from fishes and beans, pomegranates and apple.

They also had arugula, cooked quinces, honey and several types of nuts until the over cultivation of olive trees destroyed their agriculture. I am sure the ate other things too, but these are the ones I remember reading about.

Some Happy Music

I needed some happy music this morning. I notice that kjofficial is on twitter. Her picture on skates is on Hello Magazine. She would be more popular if our technology allowed one to hear her voice. After all, she is a singer. So , I shall be content with an old song from Agnetha.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Modified Citrus Pectin

Pectin from citrus rinds is depolymerized through a treatment with sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid. The resultant smaller molecule is comprised predominantly of D-polygalacturonates and may be more easily absorbed by the human digestive system. It is conjectured that it may affect free cancer cells with galectin-3, but not tumors.


1. Watch out for the high sodium content.

2. Be aware it may increase the urinary excretion of metals, such as, arsenic, cadmium, tungsten, and eventually lead and mercury, possibly because of the presence of the known chelating agent, rhamnogalacturonan II. Excretion of calcium, zinc, and magnesium is said not to increase. Heavy metals, such as mercury can possibly be methylated by abnormal bacteria in the gut and reabsorbed. To avoid this,using low molecular weight alginates has been proposed and studied. Modified citrus pectin is combined with modified alginates to form stacked chains which bind up the cations of lead, mercury and cadmium so that urinary excretion can take place.

3. It may reduce the absorption of oral agents.

4. No definitive studies have been done, and in particular, it has not been studied at all in children, pregnant women, etc.

Monday, April 13, 2009

A Dreary, Rainy Day in Sweden

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, But I feel I need a song too. So here is my choice to brighten up the day:

She does a wonderful job singing the Swedish version of "Thank You For the Music", but the lyrics are too rude and offensive. So, I present the original English version.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Alexander the Great's True Legacy



This oath is allegedly given by Zolakostas in his book Alexander the Great, Precursor of Christ (p. 235, in Greek text), who quoted the 3rd book of Pseudo-Callisthenes and the philosopher Eratosthenes.

Arrian 7.2.6-9 On this Alexander sacrificed to the gods to whom it was his custom to sacrifice, and gave a public banquet, seated all the Persians, and then any persons from the other peoples who took precedence for rank or any other high quality, and he himself and those around him drank from the same bowl and poured the same libations, with the Greek soothsayers and Magi initiating the ceremony. Alexander prayed for various blessings and especially that the Macedonians and Persians should enjoy harmony as partners in government. The story prevails that those who shared the banquet were nine thousand and that they all poured the same libation and gave the one victory cry as they did.

There are many variants of the following themes.

Jews throughout the centuries have been using the name Alexander. This has been in accordance with their high priest's decision that "Alexander's name should remain in eternity." The decision was taken because, when Alexander visited Jerusalem, he exhibited respect towards the high priest and for the Jewish religious worship. It is said that when the Jews of Jerusalem offered Alexander gold and silver, he refused to accept them; the Jewish high priest told Alexander: "We serve only one God who created Heaven and Earth and all visible and invisible things that no human being is able to explain." To this Alexander replied, "As worthy worshippers of the true God, be in peace, for your God is my God and my peace is your peace. I shall not treat you any different from the other nations, since you serve the living God."

According to Josephus in "Ant." xi. 8, §§ 4-6, Alexander went to Jerusalem after having taken Gaza. Jaddua, the high priest, had a warning from God received in a dream, in which he saw himself vested in a purple robe, with his miter—that had the golden plate on which the name of God was engraved—on his head. Accordingly he went to meet Alexander at Sapha ("View" [of the Temple]). Followed by the priests, all clothed in fine linen, and by a multitude of citizens, Jaddua awaited the coming of the king. When Alexander saw the high priest, he reverenced God (Lev. R. xiii., end), and saluted Jaddua; while the Jews with one voice greeted Alexander. When Parmenio, the general, gave expression to the army's surprise at Alexander's extraordinary act—that one who ought to be adored by all as king should adore the high priest of the Jews—Alexander replied: "I did not adore him, but the God who hath honored him with this high-priesthood; for I saw this very person in a dream, in this very habit, when I was at Dios in Macedonia, who, when I was considering with myself how I might obtain dominion of Asia, exhorted me to make no delay, but boldly to pass over the sea, promising that he would conduct my army, and would give me the dominion over the Persians." Alexander then gave the high priest his right hand, and went into the Temple and "offered sacrifice to God according to the high priest's direction," treating the whole priesthood magnificently. "And when the Book of Daniel was shown him [see Dan. vii. 6, viii. 5-8, 20-22, xi. 3-4], wherein Daniel declared that one of the Greeks [] should destroy the empire of the Persians, he supposed that he was the person intended, and rejoiced thereat. The following day Alexander asked the people what favors he should grant them; and, at the high priest's request, he accorded them the right to live in full enjoyment of the laws of their forefathers. He, furthermore, exempted them from the payment of tribute in the seventh year of release. To the Jews of Babylonia and Media also he granted like privileges; and to the Jews who were willing to enlist in his army he promised the right to live in accordance with their ancestral laws. Afterward the Samaritans, having learned of the favors granted the Jews by Alexander, asked for similar privileges; but Alexander declined to accede to their request.

The myths often seem closer to the truth than the theories people continually bring forth about Alexander. His father's tomb alone says more about him than all the theories. His legacy is to demonstrate that the myths can come true.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

How Alexander Conquered Afghanistan

1. Created the world’s greatest army of over 100,000 strong that would follow him to the ends of the earth.
2. Left his supply train behind and lived off the land.
3. Built siege equipment. Invaded through all the valleys concurrently destroying all military fortifications and 120,000 opposing forces even those on the highest mountains. Creating legends of having men who could fly, conquering mountains even the might Hercules could not, etc.
4. Married Roxanne, the most beautiful woman in the country and the sister of Oxyartes. Aetion was the painter of Alexander and Roxanna's wedding (around 327 BC), in which for the first time flying Cupids were drawn. This inaugurated a fashion that influenced the entire Hellenistic period. The above-mentioned painting was presented by the author at the Olympic Games, and its success was so overwhelming that the president of the Games married his daughter to Aetion. Marriage, adoption, being descended from the god Zeus and Phillip made Alexander the rightful ruler of my distant places. He encouraged intermarriage, but most such noble Susa marriages were dissolved after his death.
5. Capitalized on religious and political connections to Greece and Persia.
6. Exploited the natural resources, esp. gold to mint coins to facilitate trade, and open up natural trade routes. His financial policy was centralized with tax collectors independent of the local governors.
7. He conquered his way to the Persian Gulf providing a way to link up with his naval forces following the teachings of Aristotle his tutor.
8. Extended Greek culture and developed a common language of trade, viz., Koine. He created, at least economically and culturally, a single market extending from Gibraltar to the Punjab, open to trade, social and cultural exchange.
9. Left behind a large occupying force and went off with his bride to conquer the known world.
10. Put the people to work building cities named in his honor. He founded over seventy cities. There are so many named Alexandria that some were apparently just renamed in his honor. The ruler of one, Ada of Carla, adopted Alexander as her son so that rule could be passed to him.

• Alexandria-Kapisu Bagrām, Afghanistan
• Alexandria in Aria, Herat, Afghanistan
• Alexandria, Ghazni , Afghanistan
• Alexandria of the Caucusus, Afghanistan
• Alexandria on the Oxus, Ai Khanum , Afghanistan
• Alexandria of the Arachosians, Kandahar, Afghanistan (short form of Iskandaria meaning Alexandria)
• Iskandaria, Iraq (local name for Alexandria)
• Alexandria Asiana, Iran
• Alexandria Bucephalous, Pakistan, on the Jhelum
• Alexandria on the Indus, Pakistan
• Alexandria Eshate, Khojend, Tajikistan
• Alexandria Troas, Turkey
• Alexandria on the Latmos, Alinda (Caria),Turkey,
• Alexandria India, Multan
• Alexandria of Mygdonia (Erbil) Arbela, Iraq
• Alexandria or Patala, India
• Alexandria apud Oritas, India
• Alexandria Iran, Makran
• Alexandria, Iran, at the place where his admiral Nearchus came up from the Persian Gulf to join Alexander
• Alexandria Margiana, Merv, Turkmenistan
• Alexandria, Cebrene, Turkey
• Alexandria, Egypt

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Nurturing requires kind people

Many people, so full of dedication, visit the church I attend in Sunset Beach. Chris of Surfing the Nations was there today. He brings back memories of Karin, Lydia and all the rest from last year. All the kind people like them, make my home in Hawaii and this planet the paradise it is. This entry and videos are dedicated to them.

The Census Bureau tries to count the homeless, but I suspect that organizations like Surfing the Nations letting them know how much they count means more to them.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Which comes first?

At church, there were a lot little chicks crossing the parking lot. Someone asked the question which comes first, the chicken or the egg as if it were something profound. There is of course a whole class of questions like this. The usual answer from the philosophers is to say that they will funk you if you believe in the experimental results concerning Bell’s inequality. They invoke the authority of Einstein since he is no longer here except in spirit to defend his search for truth.

Here are the questions and the not so profound answers that are probably only funny and inspiring to me:
1. Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?
Answer: God comes first when you are a born again Christian.
2. Which comes first, the LHC or the Higgs?
Answer: The Cooper Pairs in the electromagnets.
3. Which comes first, creationism or evolution?
Answer: Epigenetics
4. Which comes first, Nu (The Water Jar) or the scarab?
Answer: When Nu placed herself in the word scarab, she came to be.
5. Which number comes first?
Answer: Proofs by induction require a starting point.
6. Which comes first, meeting people or their impressions of you?
Answer: They will know you by how you love one another.
7. Which comes first, the exciton or the photon?
Answer: The Aharonov-Bohm ring with electric field tuning.
8. Which comes first, graphene or Coleman’s Theorem?
Answer: Equivalence, the father and the son.
9. Which comes first, when you break time reversal symmetry in a topological insulator?
Answer: The Majorana qubit, but only if you are tunneling (Crossed Andreev reflection).
10. Which comes first, puddles of excitons or their phases?
Answer: The inflation of vortices around particles at unstable minima.

Dragon Sighting

I thought that Dragons were extinct, but I saw this comment on YouTube. "Some of those austrian Draken's stands in a hangar near my school in Ljungbyhed, Sweden". Draken is Swedish for dragon. So, I guess they are still with us. Here are my two favorite music videos about these dragons.