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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Learning Swedish

I did my best on my last post to try to write in Swedish to improve my skills. But, this is what the Google translator to English gave:

Tales from Thailand
This is my last post in Thailand. The best writers know that end with a big, startling climax. I began my speech with a little thrilled to set up. You will recall from my first post about the stupid sign in the hotel room did not wear shorts. (if not, read my first post.) To be reviewed I take shorts and going to the beach. Instead, I took on my jeans and dared to venture into the jungle. Waiting there were tigress waiting to throw. She was stronger, but I distracted her by talking all the time. My jeans torn, but I survived. Now, I wear my ripped jeans to remind her of our struggle. Others may say that I am wearing my ripped jeans to be cool and funky, but you know it is to remind you of our imaginary time together in Thailand. I see that you are trying to make friends with the animals, but they will always be afraid that you are Tigress. It's a cool nostalgic picture anyway. That is how I will always think of Thailand.

Very funny, but not at all what I meant. I guess I'll never understand Swedish, but I will always try. Don't ask me what I meant. I am laughing too hard at the translation to remember.

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