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Monday, February 25, 2013


After just over two years, a few people are reading my 10 Feb. 2010 post:  I don't know how they could have found it, since it ranks so low on the Google search engine.


I only got a single irrelevant form letter response from one representative back them after my complains to Obama and my representatives in congress about taking away my vitamins. I still have 19 bottles of them in my refrigerator.  Someone who works in drug company told me they last past the expiration date if the have been kept there.  It shows that lawyers in this country are completely devoid of ethics and morals when it comes to regulating what people can eat. They should sue themselves for all the potential harm they have caused people by keeping it off the market, and leave the rest of us alone.

Another LENR Patent Application

Heating the electrolyte first, before applying current is of interest from the theoretical point of view.  I wish someone would try atomic hydrogen in appropriated sized nickel coated nano-tubes with Rossi's secret catalyst. Perhaps, pointing all the nano-tubes in one direction for a propulsion system. Just my silly idea. People seem to lack imagination.

Patent application title: Apparatus and Method for Low Energy Nuclear Reactions

Inventors:  Dan Steinberg (Blacksburg, VA, US)
IPC8 Class: AH05H600FI
USPC Class: 376151
Class name: Induced nuclear reactions: processes, systems, and elements nuclear fusion fusion targets or pellets
Publication date: 2013-02-21
Patent application number: 20130044847

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Google Search

Using Google Search, trying to read  Particle Physics at the Year of 250th Anniversary of Moscow University ...  by Alexander I. Studenikin . Very interesting.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Spring För Livet

At last, I found a translation of a Swedish song and did not have to do it myself.

Spring För Livet - Run For Your Life

Du säger att du har förändrats / You say that you have changed
Att du aldrig menade att slå / That you never meant to hit
Du säger att allt har förändrats / You say that everything has changed
Om jag ville, så skulle jag förstå / If I wanted to, I would understand
Man skadar inte den man älskar /You don't hurt the one you love
Vilket du faktiskt säger att du gör Which you actually say you do

Jag lever med mina minnen / I live with my memories
Och sår som ingen kan se / And wounds that no one can see
Jag lever med mina minnen / I live with my memories
Försöka glömma är ingen idé / There's no point in trying to forget
Man skadar inte om man älskar / You don't hurt if you love
Vilket du faktiskt säger att du gör / Which you actually say you do

Spring för livet om det är dig kärt / Run for your life if it's dear to you
Att slå tillbaka, det är det inte värt / It's not worth hitting back
Du kan inte förändra, du kommer aldrig förstå / You can't change, you'll never understand
Det enda du kan göra är att gå / The only thing you can do is to walk away
Det enda du kan göra är att gå / The only thing you can do is to walk away

Du skadade hela mitt väsen / You hurt all of my being
Du sa att jag alltid gjorde fel / You said that I always did wrong
Du klagade på hela mitt väsen / You complained about all of my being 
Tills jag inte längre var hel / Until I wasn't complete anymore
Man skadar inte om man älskar / You don't hurt if you love
Vilket du faktiskt säger att du gör / Which you actually say you do 

Och jag älskar livet / And I love life
Det får du inte ta ifrån mig / You can't take that away from me
För om nu hat är motivet / Because if hatred is the motive
Så finns där inget hat hos mig / Then there is no hatred with me

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Numbers in the Great Pyramid?

I am no expert on ancient numerals, but the interpretation does not look very close to the symbols for hieratic in the Encyclopedia Britanica. The one looks more like a 1000, the 20 more like a 30, the 100 more like a two. I would have guessed 1,032. I probably need a clearer photo and more examples of hieratic numerals to make an informed decision.

Technical Details of Celani's LENR Experiment

Mitsubishi Research into LENR

Mitsubishi does research into LENR with an aim toward improving nuclear waste disposal. The speaker is Yasuhiro Iwamura before the American Nuclear Society.