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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jag väljer att inte titta på kommersiella filmer!

Hur länge? Vi har en helig pliktt...

Slutet är detsamma som i början.

Learning Swedish

I did my best on my last post to try to write in Swedish to improve my skills. But, this is what the Google translator to English gave:

Tales from Thailand
This is my last post in Thailand. The best writers know that end with a big, startling climax. I began my speech with a little thrilled to set up. You will recall from my first post about the stupid sign in the hotel room did not wear shorts. (if not, read my first post.) To be reviewed I take shorts and going to the beach. Instead, I took on my jeans and dared to venture into the jungle. Waiting there were tigress waiting to throw. She was stronger, but I distracted her by talking all the time. My jeans torn, but I survived. Now, I wear my ripped jeans to remind her of our struggle. Others may say that I am wearing my ripped jeans to be cool and funky, but you know it is to remind you of our imaginary time together in Thailand. I see that you are trying to make friends with the animals, but they will always be afraid that you are Tigress. It's a cool nostalgic picture anyway. That is how I will always think of Thailand.

Very funny, but not at all what I meant. I guess I'll never understand Swedish, but I will always try. Don't ask me what I meant. I am laughing too hard at the translation to remember.

Skrönor från Thailand

Detta är mitt sista inlägg på Thailand. Det bästa författare vet att avsluta med en stor, häpnadsväckande klimax. Jag började mitt inlägg med en liten rysare att ställa upp. Ni minns från mitt första inlägg om den dumma tecken på hotellrummet inte bära shorts. (om inte, läste mitt första inlägg.) Så omprövas jag tar på mig shorts och på väg till stranden. Istället tog jag på mig jeans och vågade ge sig in i djungeln. Väntar fanns tigrinna väntade på att kasta. Hon var starkare, men jag distraherade henne genom att prata hela tiden. Mina jeans revs, men jag överlevde. Nu, jag bär mina rippade jeans att påminna henne om vår kamp. Andra kan säga att jag bär mina rippade jeans att vara cool och häftig, men du vet det är att påminna er om vår imaginära tid tillsammans i Thailand. Jag ser att du försöker bli vän med djuren, men de kommer alltid att vara rädd för att du är Tigress. Det är en sval nostalgisk bild ändå. Det är så kommer jag alltid att tänka på Thailand.

Depeche mode: 31 jan Stockholm (Globen)

Coldplay Tonight at 22:55 on MTV Sweden Musikvideo MTV Worldstage.
Världens mest politiskt korrekta band Coldplay vet hur man slår på stora konserttrumman, spana in deras livekonsert från Saitama, Japan.

Flyger till Stockholm, men inte stanna Depeche mode på Globen. Haha.
Du är annorLUNDa på ett underbart sätt. Önskar jag vore där.

sjukt fin låt , in other words, a totally, awesome track

Saving Grace - Hillsong

Friday, January 29, 2010

Haha Hehe

Surfing Thailand

Blogs - My last day in Thailand. Hemresa i morgon!

I think the Swedes have the best blogs. I feel like I have been in Thailand with all of them. Here is an an excerpt from one. Not someone I actually know. of course. Best wishes to all of them anyway and a safe and happy flight to Stockholm.


Hemresa i morgon!

Visst är blåsningen ett kul program?! hahahaha.. jag missade tyvärr programmet i Söndags, men jag vet ju precis vad som hänt.
Kul att ni gillade själva blåsningen. Jag lovar er att det kommer ett inlägg om detta när jag har kommit hem. Jag har haft lite tid på mig att smälta allt som hände. Helt sjukt,men kul!
Idag är det sista dagen i Thailand. I morgon kommer jag hem. Hem till kalla Sverige. Semestern har varit i 3 veckor och det känns bra att komma hem nu med laddade batterier.
Igår besökte vi Patong stad. Ett riktigt minus! Visst, det är kul att gå och shoppa lite och uppleva pulsen för en liten stund, men det var verkligen inget för mig. Så skönt att komma till Nai Yang och till den lugna omgivningen igen.
Nu ska jag ut och njuta än en gång av mitt favoritresmål.
Ps Det här har jag ätit massor av under den här resan.. frukten är magisk!
Detta är från ett favvoställe i lunchtid!


Kath being snowed upon!


Inappropriate Comments in Hangul

I apologize for the inappropriate comment of someone on my "Hälsa gärna på mina vänner!" post on 25 Jan 2010, apparently trying to advertise something. I will be more diligent in deleting comments in Hangul which I do appreciate translating. I am just trying to learn a tiny bit of Swedish. I never take offense. Noncommercial comments are always welcome, especial if they correct me so I can learn something. Happy and funny comments are wonderful!

Call sign: Adam Gul

An old video. The planes are back in Sweden now.

Demand Media Video -- powered by

The History of the Plane

Adam Gul - Balett i mach 1

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Men när du tar mej i din famn, När du viskar ömt mitt namn

English Version (totally different from the tingly Swedish one)


Jack och Mathilda på Mexico

I can see why no one has ever watched this video!

Brownie, Jogging and Pudding

I am planning a totally imaginary party for 5 Feb. Only imaginary friends who call me by my real nickname are invited. I need three imaginary guests to whom I give my personal nicknames of Brownie, Jogging and Pudding. I will bake brownies to serve since they are my favorite. A brownie is more than a square cake and I am more than square. Only one candle because having one for each year is too many and may present a fire hazard. We will go jogging together. Then it will be time for the pudding. My favorite is coconut, vanilla cream. My guests will sing in some language I do not understand. Hopefully, it is their equivalent of happy birthday and hopefully they do not understand this post since it is in English. We talk and watch performances by Daren and Coldplay trying to decide who we like like better. Sorry Salem Al Fakir and Katherine Jenkins, maybe next year. I watched the YouTube video by GoSwedish on how to annoy people in her language. You just say "och" over and over. So, that is what I will have Brownie do. I never annoys me. I just gives me an excuse to talk and talk. Maybe, I will also have her say "what?" once in a while too. It makes me think she cares what I say. She gets to do the talking since she has the highest pitched voice. Sorry my mezzo friends, deep down I guess I still like sopranos. No lemonade allowed. Who would drink lemonade with brownies and pudding? Brownie does not like it anyway! I see Jogging looking at me and Brownie, while Pudding it playing with the pudding, using it to make a heart on top of a brownie. The sweetest brownie ever except for Brownie! Such is my birthday fantasy. Happy Birthday to me. Real friends are better, but when it comes to imaginary ones, mine are simply the best!!! I wonder if I should publish or just save. Fantasy should be private, but no one reads my blog anyway. One day I will publish, when it gets close to my birthday.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The usual excuses why genetics is all messed up

5-methylcytosine (5mC) and 5-hydroxymethylcytosine (hmC) are bases in mammalian DNA. How could no one have noticed? Does anyone care besides me?

Why has hmC been overlooked as a normal constituent of mammalian DNA? With the exception of two papers that reported high levels of hmC in genomic DNA isolated using unconventional but not standard methods, most previous studies describe hmC as a rare base that is a probable oxidation product of 5mC. One reason that hmC may have been missed is that it might be present at detectable levels only in specific cell types 15 (ES cells and not differentiated cells). Another factor may be the relatively low abundance of hmC. In ES cells, hmC is ~4% of all cytosine species in CpG dinucleotides located in MspI cleavage sites (CCGG). CpG is ~0.8% of all dinucleotides in the mouse genome, thus hmC constitutes ~0.032% of all bases or ~1 in every 3000 nucleotides. For comparison, 5mC is 55-60% of all cytosines in CpG dinucleotides in MspI cleavage sites, about 14-fold higher than hmC. A more trivial explanation is that some TLC running buffers do not resolve hmC from C. We were fortunate that our experimental design led us to focus on areas of the genome containing CpG dinucleotides (and hence enriched for 5mC), and that our TLC running conditions could distinguish hmC.

A full appreciation of the biological significance of hmC will depend heavily on the development of tools that allow hmC, 5mC and C to be distinguished unequivocally. We show here that two of the three most commonly used techniques do not meet this criterion. A widely-used mouse monoclonal antibody to 5mC apparently does not recognize hmC by immunocytochemistry, thus it will be important to reevaluate previous reports of DNA demethylation based solely on the use of this antibody. Similarly,the methylation-sensitive restriction enzyme, HpaII, fails to cut hmC as previously reported, raising the possibility that in some instances hmC-modified DNA was incorrectly judged to be methylated. Another methylation-sensitive restriction enzyme, McrBC, is already known to cleave 5mC- and hmC-containing DNA equivalently, and therefore also does not allow these two nucleotides to be distinguished. It is yet to be determined how bisulfite modification analysis interprets the presence of hmC in DNA. Treatment of DNA with sodium bisulfite promotes the spontaneous deamination of cytosine to uracil, while leaving 5mC unaffected; amplification of the sequence of interest followed by sequencing allows the precise methylation patterns at a given sequence to be determined. It is known that bisulfite reacts rapidly with hmC at the C5 to form a stable cytosine 5-methylenesulfonate adduct, which is not readily deaminated. This substituted species, which is expected to form base pairs similar to those formed by cytosine, could be read by polymerases as C during the amplification steps, resulting in the sequence being interpreted as containing 5mC. Alternatively, polymerases may not copy cytosine 5-methylenesulfonate efficiently, in which case the DNA containing this adduct would not be amplified effectively and the sequence containing the original hmC modification would be underrepresented in the amplified DNA. Notably, disruptions of the TET1 and TET2 genetic loci have been reported in association with hematologic malignancies. A fusion of TET1 with the histone methyltransferase, MLL, has been identified in at least two cases of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) associated with t(10;11)(q22;q23) translocation. Homozygous null mutations and chromosomal deletions involving the TET2 locus have been found in AML and myeloproliferative disorders, suggesting a tumor suppressor function for TET2. It will be interesting to test the involvement of TET proteins and hmC in oncogenictransformation and malignant progression.

This excerpt is from doi:10.1126/science.1170116

The DNA of other species are known to contain additional bases such as beta-D-glucosyl-hydroxymethyluracil. Additional DNA bases are widespread in nature. They can be found in eukaryotes, prokaryotes, and bacteriophages. They may completely replace the standard base or replace only a small fraction. Their constituents vary from simple methyl or hydroxy groups to large moieties like amino acids and multiply hexosylated side chains.

För alla er tre, nostalgi!

( I don't know how to say it in Swedish, but I tried. )

Det är så bra att de inte tillåter mig att spela det här...

Hej Honolulu!

Shark Attack!

Not exciting enough, try this:

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Coldplay versus Daren

För din bästa vän som är helt klart det bästa!

If you think Daren is better than Coldplay, maybe you have not heard their best performance. Here it goes:

Here is Daren, maybe not his best but good enough to compare.

Falun igen


sakamoto | MySpace Video

Cologna takes second

FOX Sports | MySpace Video

LJS teaser

hampusw | MySpace Video

Jag ger fan i allt

The Errols | MySpace Music Videos

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Where are you?

Stuff I like, but nobody else does

Why do I say that? Because it says this video has zero views. I have watched it several times so I guess I don't count.

Just ice skating and checking out the other churches.

Matt 21:1-9, följt av psalm 105, Hosianna Davids son

Memorizing the Bible seems like a cool way to learn Swedish.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Vad händer i Falun? 6 Feb 2010

Please ignore this post. Thanks.

Betel Afro at Centrumkyrkan Falun

Host: Afroturné '010

Type: Music/Arts - Concert

Network: Global
Date: Saturday, February 6, 2010
Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Location: Bergmästareg. 23

Betels Afrolinje har gett sig ut på turné och gör sin andra spelning i Falun.

Kom och upplev, njut, dansa, svettas, skrik, inte slåss, skratta till exempel

OCH det är GRATIS!


Friday, January 22, 2010

How can nobody have heard of her?

When people ask me what kind of music I like, how do I tell them when they have never heard of Kath. What a pity!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My new regime of daily vitamins

Requirements for Ubiquinol and Shilajit are higher than I previously thought.

1. Biotin 5 mg
2. Pyridoxamine 50 mg
3. Pyridoxal 5'phosphate 100 mg
4. Benfotiamine 150 mg
5. R-Lipoic Acid 150 mg
6. Alpha Lipoic Acid 1.2 gm
7. Ubiquinol 600 mg
8. Shilajit fulvic acid complex 400 mg
9. DMAE Bitartrate 700 mg
10. Pantothenic Acid 100 mg
11. Menquinone-7 90 mcg
12. Vitamin B-12 1.2 mg
13. Vitamin D-3 2000 IU
14. Folic Acid 400 mcg
15. Acetyl L-Carnitine Arginate Dihydrochloride 2.5 gm
16. Zinc 30 mg
17. Vitamin C 500 mg
18. Selenium 100 mcg
19. Natural Astaxanthin 16 mg
20. Carnosine 2 gm
21. The line of Herbalife products.

Women only

This is a test to see if any women read my blog. Press here to watch that silly video women like.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

För dig. Titta på klipp från Vinterkrysset. Tack.

Kom ditt hjärta fortare att klappa...

Vinner och första jokern i Melodifestivalen 2010 är Daren.

Den 16 november 2009 presenterades den andra jokern i tävlingen, vilket visade sig bli Salem Al Fakir!

Jag vet vem du vill.

Deltävling 1, Örnsköldsvik, Lördag 6 februari 2010

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Here are some videos about telomerase. In watching the videos one should keep mind that it is actually things like ultraviolet light and growth hormone, IGF1, that ordinarily increase telomerase activity. Also,there are lots of telomerase inhibitors in diets that are recommended today. Lastly, Christianity can be a great stress reducer even when they feed you to the lions, as was the convention on this planet.

Building Hearts + Lengthening Telomeres from Speaking of Faith on Vimeo.

Kärleken Är

Här, i den stilla gryningen = Here, in the quiet dawn
Kan jag känna, allting andas, igen = I can feel things breathing, again
Dom tunga molnen, Dom = heavy clouds;
drev iväg med vindarna = ran away with the winds
Inga tårar, ifrån himlen, = No tears from heaven,
blir till regn = becomes the rain
Vi, hör orden i en sång,som = We hear the words of a song, which
finns kvar här i våra hjärtan = remain here in our hearts
Nu, i lugnet efter storm = Now, in calm after storm

En ängel flög förbi = An angel flew by
Mot himmelen så fri = In the sky so free
Men hon lämnade sitt leende, = But she left her smile,
på vår jord = on earth
Som en sol som värmer oss = As the sun heats us
Som ett himmelskt stjärnebloss = As a celestial starry torches
Så vi kan betrakta livets skeende, = So we may consider the life course of events,
med en tro = with a belief
Kärleken är = Love is

Och när natten sänker sig = And when night descends
Är vi trygga i varandras andetag Are we safe in each other's breath
En vind, som smyger sig hit in, = A breeze, which creeps in here,
bär en doft utav vilda rosor = carries out the scent of wild roses

En ängel flög förbi = An angel flew by
Mot himmelen så fri = In the sky so free
Men hon lämnade sitt leende, = But she left her smile,
på vår jord on earth
Som en sol som värmer oss = As the sun heats us
Som ett himmelskt stjärnebloss = As a celestial starry torches
Så vi kan betrakta livets skeende, = So we may consider the life course of events,
med en tro = with a belief
Kärleken är = Love is

Oohh... Oohh ... Aahhh... Aahhh ... Ohh Ohh

En ängel flög förbi, = An angel flew by,
Mot himmelen så fri = In the sky so free
Men hon lämnade sitt leende, = But she left her smile,
på vår jord = on earth
Som en sol som värmer oss = As the sun heats us
Som ett himmelskt stjärnebloss = As a celestial starry torches
Så vi kan betrakta livets skeende, = So we may consider the life course of events,
med en tro = with a belief
Att kärleken är = That love is

Note: There is a better translation in my 15 Jan 2010 post called, Jag ser en leende i ögonen även när de är stängda! It is in the video.

On Being Alive.

Something is alive when it has the ability to change its current dynamic composition through feedback mechanisms with the environment and duplicate its current dynamic composition. One example is a DNA molecule that has genes to regulate, such things as, “cytosine to 5-methylcytosine to 5-hydroxymethylcytosine” changes in its composition and to replicate these changes. Another example is when one is a Christian and converts others. One can be alive in a physical sense and dead in a spiritual sense.

I define it myself, because it seems others define it in too broad a sense. Certain cancer cells seem already dead, long before they are finally destroyed completely. It apparently makes some people happy to try to define most everything as being alive, but life is more and special to me.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Epigenetic Regulation of bases in DNA

The Human Genome project supposedly mapped human DNA. Now, we know with high probabilty, there are at least two additional bases. This is further complicated by the composition of DNA being dynamically regulated by epigenetic factors. This appears to be of importance in brain, stem, cancer and other types yet to be determined. How can one have a theory of evolution when the whole basis of genetics is in question. Isn't it great living in the second decade of the 21st century? Epigenetics, Graphene and BECs do it for me!
These papers give the gist of it:

Mamta Tahiliani,1 Kian Peng Koh,1 Yinghua Shen,2 William A. Pastor,1 Hozefa Bandukwala,1 Yevgeny Brudno,2 Suneet Agarwal,3 Lakshminarayan M. Iyer,4 David R. Liu,2,* L. Aravind,4,* Anjana Rao1,*
DNA cytosine methylation is crucial for retrotransposon silencing and mammalian development. In a computational search for enzymes that could modify 5-methylcytosine (5mC), we identified TET proteins as mammalian homologs of the trypanosome proteins JBP1 and JBP2, which have been proposed to oxidize the 5-methyl group of thymine. We show here that TET1, a fusion partner of the MLL gene in acute myeloid leukemia, is a 2-oxoglutarate (2OG)- and Fe(II)-dependent enzyme that catalyzes conversion of 5mC to 5-hydroxymethylcytosine (hmC) in cultured cells and in vitro. hmC is present in the genome of mouse embryonic stem cells, and hmC levels decrease upon RNA interference–mediated depletion of TET1. Thus, TET proteins have potential roles in epigenetic regulation through modification of 5mC to hmC.

The Nuclear DNA Base 5-Hydroxymethylcytosine Is Present in Purkinje Neurons and the Brain
Skirmantas Kriaucionis and Nathaniel Heintz*

Despite the importance of epigenetic regulation in neurological disorders, little is known about neuronal chromatin. Cerebellar Purkinje neurons have large and euchromatic nuclei, whereas granule cell nuclei are small and have a more typical heterochromatin distribution. While comparing the abundance of 5-methylcytosine in Purkinje and granule cell nuclei, we detected the presence of an unusual DNA nucleotide. Using thin-layer chromatography, high-pressure liquid chromatography, and mass spectrometry, we identified the nucleotide as 5-hydroxymethyl-2'-deoxycytidine (hmdC). hmdC constitutes 0.6% of total nucleotides in Purkinje cells, 0.2% in granule cells, and is not present in cancer cell lines. hmdC is a constituent of nuclear DNA that is highly abundant in the brain, suggesting a role in epigenetic control of neuronal function.

Runn Winter Week starting 5 Feb.

I have adopted Falun as my imaginary home. I never plan to visit the place, because that would destroy my idylic view of it. How nice! They celebrate during the week of my birthday. Living in Hawaii, it has so, so long since I have been ice skating.




Runn Winter Week

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Why is my blog so boring?

Answer: Because I never mention the people I have actually have met by name or signicant deed..

If what I say about you is not true, maybe it is because I know you and am excluding you from the people I discuss. Maybe, I can keep a secret. You should feel complemented anyway that I am implying you are exciting and not boring at all. I would tell you I miss you, except I think of you all the time, so it seems like you are still here. It would be silly to miss you, since it is so unlikely I'll ever see you again. Two weeks till February the month of my birth. I wish my plans were as exciting as yours. Maybe I should just pretend that I am you. In case I do, take care and don't do anything silly in February. Have fun the next two weeks though! I am listening to the song, Tarzan Människa, imagining myself swinging through the trees. I always dream of flying. Wishing you a safe flight, too. Be careful of the vines and monkeys if you stray into the jungle like me. I'll be thinking, or is it dreaming, of you. Not sure where I am in time, but I'll get my time fix next month. In two weeks, our English will have slipped away and we will only communicate "Me Tarzan, You Jane." No, I do not know a single Jane yet! I still hoping for a another chocolate cake though, but you live to far away to share. Our chocolate memories forever! Both round, square and you know what I mean. Aloha from Hawaii.

P.S. Depeche mode: 31 jan Stockholm (Globen) MTV Sweden is giving away six tickets to whoever has the most creative reason for going.

Note to myself: Since people read my blog from latest to earliest, it makes more sense to try write things in reverse chronological order. Sometimes things are so bad that one needs to escape reality for a while.

The Traffic in Falun


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ha det bra!

Someone actually said something to me in Swedish, tonight. It was "Ha det Bra!" The literal translation is "Have it good". but means "Take care!", "Have a nice time!", etc. It is used in place of "Have fun!" unless you are from Göteborg where thef say "Ha det gött".

Långfördsskridskor på sjö

Tips on Email

The Cyclopes
There once was a little girl who had only one “i” in her name. She corrected this in her email address so she would not feel like the Cyclopes. :) But, her friends could never remember to double the “i”. So, she gave up and is a Cyclopes again. .) It must be terrible to lose an “i”. If she happens to be your friend, remember I am just making all this up and don’t really know her, but you do and should text her, since you have the problem with email.


Stockholm Airport at 6AM

Not really, but it really looks like it to me since I have never been there. Their blogs say their Thailand vacations are over. So, I guess the Swedes are back home. I wonder if they meet or bump into each other. I love them for sharing their adventures with the boring people like me who are stuck at home.

Friday, January 15, 2010

New Years Resolutions

1. Not to bother anyone. So, help me keep it by not reading my blog unless you find it amusing like me. I don't know Swedish, so any comments on how to fix my translations would be greatly appreciated. I enjoy making a fool of myself trying to use it.

2. To smile and be friendly to everyone. My smile just means I like everyone.

3. To understand graphene and BECs, but not tell anyone.

4. To PTL and listen, too.

5. To know the difference between experiment facts and opinions and to consume Επιούσιος meals accordingly using Roche 454 sequencing, mass spectrometry, and other methods. Sorry for the Koine and no, I never translate this word. Figure it out from the context.

6. To always remember that people or things that others think are least important often turn out to be the foundation for everything.

7. To fast each day after supper till breakfast. Longer, of course, when I need a blood test.

8. To always be happy alone in my own imaginary world and to apologize to anyone who accidentally stumbles in.

9. To exercise in a more systematic manner.

10. To remember to always give thanks.

Något Saknas

Något saknas ....
När du surfar på Internet snarare än i verkligheten.

Något saknas ...
När du ser en logotyp och och och kan inte se in i hjärtat av dess designer.

Något saknas ...
När någon du älskar inte vet redan innan du berätta.

Något saknas ...
När du hoppar inte i luften.

Något saknas ...
När dina vänner hoppar inte.

Något kommer att saknas alltid,
Om du uppfyller inte dina hemliga drömmar om sommaren 2010.

© 2010 John W. Camery

Peace & Love Festivalen i Borlänge 2009 och Frizon 2009

The good stuff.

Peace & Love Festivalen

Frizon 2009

Above All (With Lyrics)

Agnetha Fältskogs Land

This video was recorded to promote Sweden as a candidate for the Olympic Winter Games in Falun in 1992 and broadcast in Sweden, France, etc. Agnetha with Ola Håkansson are seen wandering around Ekerö and there are various shots of the seasons and Stockholm.

It's Time For Sweden

You take me high, out of the blue
You're by my side, whenever I need you
The way you smile, the way you move
Why should I try, I can't get over you
All through the night, you take me on
When we unite, I know where I belong
When winter rains, I'll be your friend
What we create, may last until the end
And through the time, that's passing by

I hope you'll always be, you'll be forever
The way you are, the way you are
Where mountains rise, I'll stand by you
My heart assigned, like only lovers do
If we're apart, I'll cross the sea
Don't close your heart, this love was always free
And through the time, that's passing by
I hope you'll always be, you'll be forever
The way you are, the way you are
And if you leave, don't go too far
In your belief, just be the way you are
The way you are...

The way you are!!!

Motivation to learn the language, PTL

Why won't they sing in English?

Mina Absoluta Favoriter!

Vårvindar Friska

Vårvindar friska leka och viska
lunderna kring likt älskande par.
Strömmarna ila, finna ej vila
förrän i havet störtvågen far.
Klappa mitt hjärta, klaga och hör,
vallhornets klang bland klipporna dör.
Strömkarlen spelar, sorgerna delar
vakan kring berg och dal.

Hjärtat vill brista! Ack, när den sista
gången jag hörde kärlekens röst:
avskedets plåga, ögonens låga,
mun emot mun och klappande bröst.
Fjälldalen stod i grönskande skrud,...

Jag ser en leende i ögonen även när de är stängda!

Denna video får mig att sakna min faster Emily.
Jag ler mot folk på andra sidan jordklotet, och folk tror att jag ler mot dem. Lyckligtvis frågar ingen någonsin vad jag leende på!

Hur kan vi älskar om vi inte kan vänner?

Hur kan vi älskar om vi inte kan vänner?
Hur kan vi börja om när striderna upphör aldrig?
Baby hur kan vi göra älska om vi inte kan gottgöra?
Hur kan vi älskar om vi skränande 'bli inte kan vänner.
Titta på oss nu titta på oss barn. Fortfarande försöka fixa det.
Aldrig få det rätt att vi måste vara idioter, vi måste vara galen.
När det finns ingen kommunikation, det är en no win situation.
Vi ligga vaken detta murar mellan oss
Wr bara inte prata, vi har så mycket att säga, Låt oss bryta denna kedja, kan vår kärlek befria oss.

“Nu har jag motionerat, ätit god mat, duschat och lite så. Tänkte åka ner till stan men orkade inte. Så jag kan få övningsköra lite. So och om jag kunde så skulle jag förklara den längtan jag ibland kunde känna efter dig. Men, det går inte så jag avstår.” –Anon. (maybe me and maybe not)

This video reminds me of Facebook.

Some women throw a good punch:

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Freedom of Belief

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Just my thoughts:

If I cannot say God in Bahasa Malayu , of what use is your language?

If I cannot pray in your institution, of what use is it?

If you cannot bless me, are you really a priest?

When you serve God, you serve everyone. Conversely, when you do not serve someone, how can you say you serve God?

If you are here to help the Muslims, where is your righteousness of faith in faith?

When you tell me you hate my beliefs or anyone, I just think it is a symptom of a disorganized personality. I can’t even imagine hating anyone.

Doesn’t it bother anyone being forbidden to say that graphene exists in free form until 2004, or BECs except at low temperature, controlled release of photons, etc.?

If I cannot trust you to be polite to my friends, how can I invite them to church?

When you say who needs religion, do you deserve this freedom?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Falun Project

The Falun project, located in Sweden, forms part of the Bergslagen Joint Venture between Drake, Royal Falcon Mining and Golden Rim Resources (ASX: GMR). The price of GMR is on the rise.

The Greatest Freedom in Sweden

The freedom to go where ever you want. How about Jämtland? That is in Sweden.

A Kiss from Linda

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Swedish Movies with Agnetha Fältskog

Raskenstam 1983

Let The Right One In 2008

(Agnetha Fältskog)

Var inte ledsen, le lite grann
Du har väl redan förlåtit mig, eller hur
Ta nu min hand och krama den hårt
Du vinner ingenting på att vara tvär.

Låt mig få viska hur mycket jag tycker om dig än
Låt mig förklara för dig att jag har dig kär
Ge mig din hand nu, ge mig din kärlek
Ta mig i famnen igen.

Förlåt, förlåt,
Jag är din, bara din
Kom närmre mig
Förlåt, förlåt!

Det var nog dumt, alltsammans jag sa
Det är så lätt, alla gör vi våra fel
Men den försoningskyss ska nu få
Göra att jag känner att nu lyckan jag når.

Kom nu och låt oss tillsammans få höra fåglars sång
Ta mig i famnen och säg att du har mig kär
Allt det vi drömde, så kär, jag gömde
Allt är förlåtet igen.

Du tar min hand och du trycker den ömt
Och sen är hela grälet glömt.

" Reconciled "
(Agnetha Fältskog)

Do not be sad, smile a little
You've probably already forgiven me, or how
Now take my hand and squeeze it hard
You win nothing to be cross.

Let me whisper how much I think about you than
Let me explain to you that I love thee
Give me your hand now, give me your love
Take me in your arms again.

Sorry, sorry,
I'm yours, just yours
Come closer to me
Sorry, sorry!

It was probably stupid, everything I said
It is so easy, we all make our mistakes
But the reconciliation kiss will now make
Do I feel now I reach happiness.

Come and let us together to hear birds singing
Take me in your arms and tell me you love me
All that we dreamed, dear, I hid
All is forgiven again.

You take my hand and pressing it tenderly
And then the whole quarrel forgotten.

History of Falun

Great (Music?) Videos

There are a lot of videos that I think are fantastic even though it is not to my taste in music. Here are the best:

There are also some, where I enjoy the song more than the video:
Lillstrumpan och Syster yster

Some videos do not even have music. The Swedish ladies I almost know do not like lemonade, but their hosts keep offering it to them. Maybe that is why I get a kick out of this video. Beware the danger of offering lemonade or even a lemon to Swedes!

Then there are the videos that only I love:

Monday, January 11, 2010

Global Warming

The latest from twitter:
BodilSteen Not too much global warming in Stockholm at the moment. -20C is COLD. Need tickets to Thailand, one-way would work for me, no problem.

Cherrywashere Vad avis jag blir när jag läser Kenzas blogg när hon är i Thailand uhu...

KenzasBlogg Kenza 12e januari 2010 - i Thailand: God morgon allihopa! Klockan är strax efter nio här och Aleks har äntligen ly...


Having fun in my own version of Thailand where everyone is Swedish!

The Lady in Thailand

Ser du ljuset? = Do you see the light?
Mörkret skingras nu = Darkness dispelled now
Livet börjar om igen = Life begins again
Alla drömmar = All dreams
Får sin andra chans = Get their second chance
När vi möts i gryningen = When we meet at dawn

Livet börjar här och nu = Life begins here and now
Idag finns bara jag och du = Today there is only me and you
Jag vill lämna det som var = I want to leave what was
Vågar du, vågar jag = Do you dare, I dare
Livet börjar här och nu = Life begins here and now
Det bästa i mitt liv är du = The best thing in my life is you
Jag vill leva här idag = I want to live here today
Vågar du, vågar jag = Do you dare, I dare

Där i natten = There in the night
Fanns ett morgonljus = Was a morning light
Sorgerna vi haft försvann = Sorrows we had disappeared
Alla löften = All pledges
Gud som gavs och bröts = God who was and was broken
Alla tårar för varann = Any tears for each other

Livet börjar här och nu = Life begins here and now
Idag finns bara jag och du = Today there is only me and you
Jag vill lämna det som var = I want to leave what was
Vågar du, vågar jag = Do you dare, I dare
Livet börjar här och nu = Life begins here and now
Det bästa i mitt liv är du = The best thing in my life is you
Jag vill leva här idag = I want to live here today
Vågar du, vågar jag = Do you dare, I dare

Det är dig jag vill ha = It is the one I want
Vågar du, vågar jag = Do you dare, I dare

Livet börjar här och nu = Life begins here and now
Idag finns bara jag och du = Today there is only me and you
Jag vill lämna det som var = I want to leave what was
Vågar du, vå-vågar jag = Do you dare, va-dare I
Livet börjar här och nu = Life begins here and now
Det bästa i mitt liv är du = The best thing in my life is you
Jag vill leva här idag = I want to live here today
Vågar du, vågar jag = Do you dare, I dare

Vågar du så vågar jag = Dare you I dare
Vågar du så vågar jag - Dare you I dare

Sissel Kyrkjebø och Odd Nordstoga

Somebody changed the melody, the language, everything. Isn't it wonderful?
She sounds much better to me than Sissel Kyrkjebø in the album, Strålande Jul.
Some people can really sing better even than themselves. haha.
Any help with my translation ould be most appreciated. I am trying to learn Swedish all by myself and that is what it sounds like to me

Upp gläd er alla, gläd er nu och tag emot ett heligt bud = (Rise) Up all, rejoice, rejoice now and receive a holy messenger
som ger oss frid på jorden. = which gives us peace on earth.
För nu är mänskosonen här, och ska för att han har oss kär = For now the Son of Man is here, bringing us his love
ge kraft åt visdomsorden, ge kraft åt visdomsorden = give force to the words of wisdom, give force to the words of wisdom

Se ingen sorg ska finnas mer, Guds glädje kommer till oss ner = watch grief disappear, God's joy comes down to us,
precis som det blev skrivet. = just as it was written.
Så tag emot Guds dyra skatt och fröjdas denna julenatt = So receive the precious treasure of God and rejoice this Christmas night
Guds son skall ge oss livet, Guds son skall ge oss livet. = The Son of God will give us life; the Son of God will give us life.

O Gud din visdom är så stor att ingen som på jorden bor = O God, your wisdom is so much greater anyone on Earth in
förstår Din nådegåva = understanding Your gift
Vi tackar Dig för allt vi får den sanning som vi ej förstår = We thank You for everything we receive, the truth that we do not understand
den frid som Du har lovat, den frid som Du har lovat. = the peace that You have promised, the peace that You have promised.

The War on Cancer

In 1971, the president declared war on cancer. Obviously, cancer has won. Lawyers profit by fabricating bogus causes for cancer rather helping to find cures. Sixty-nine percent more people are dying today, but some scientists do not give up searching for the truth. The politicians and lawyers happily profit from the situation by using the issue in their perverse ways. Cancer cells are still evil. I say poison them piperine and curcumin and Herbalife. PTL for cancer vaccines.

Healthy defensive stuff:

* Glutamine: 3000 mg per day away from food
* IP6 (inositol hexaphosphate): 1-3 grams per day
* AHCC (active hexose correlated compound): 3000 mg per day
* Lactoferrin: 300-900 mg per day
* PSK (protein bound polysaccharide K)(Coriolus): 3000 mg per day
* Cimetidine: 800 mg before bedtime
* Modified Citrus Pectin: 14-30 grams per day away from food
* Soy isoflavones (genistein): 100-200 mg per day with food
* Silibinin (component of milk thistle): 500-600 mg per day
* Chrysin: 1000 mg per day
* Green Tea: 650-1000 mg of EGCG per day
* Curcumin: BCM-95® extract: 400 mg per day with food OR 2500 mg per day of a regular curcumin supplement
* Resveratrol: 25mg before surgery; increase to 100-250mg 2 weeks after surgery
* Quercetin: 500-1000 mg per day

I prayed for my aunt. Now, I pray for Johanna's friend Emma. I don't know this Johanna except by sight and have no idea which Emma is her friend. Still, I pray because she asks.

Phuket, Thailand

Doesn't anyone talk about anything but Thailand? Sanna Viktoria Nielsen, the famous singer, is there, too according to her blog. 10 Hr, 40min from Stockholm by air. So, I guess it is about half way from New Zealand to Sweden. Nice photo! Swedes have so much fun! Sanna's Blog

Sunday, January 10, 2010

PTL or Halleluja

Most all my favorite singers sing either PTL or Halleluja, and they sing it like they mean it. That is why I love them.

Molly Sandén

Det finns en sång som säger allt
Som värmer när det blåser kallt
Som lockar dig att gråta eller jubla
Den har någonting som griper tag
Och leder dig från natt till dag
Och plötsligt vill du sjunga "Hallelujah"

There is a song that says it all
That warms you when the wind is cold
That lets you either weep or rejoice
It has something that grabs hold
And leads you from night to day
And suddenly you want to sing "Hallelujah"


Den visar att vi hör ihop
Som ett försiktigt glädjerop
Förenar det oss i det bitter-ljuva
Det liv vi måste klara av
Och allt vi tog och allt vi gav
Så vi kan våga ropa "Hallelujah"

It shows that we belong together
Like a gentle shout of joy
It unites us in what is bitter-lovely
The life we have to make it through
And all we took and all we gave
So that we can dare to shout "Hallelujah"


Det är en sång om enkelhet
Det lilla som vi alla vet
Den talar till det vackra och det fula
Den badar oss i månens sken
Så skjälvande men ändå ren
Ett sprucket men ett vackert hallelujah

It is a song of simplicity
The little things we all know
It speaks to the beautiful and the ugly
It bathes us in the light of the moon
So trembling, but still clean
A broken, but a beautiful hallelujah


Och alla drömmar vi har drömt
Det vackra som vi nästan glömt
Finns kvar och vi kan inte längre ljuga
Du ropar och man hör din röst
Du hör ett ord som ger dig tröst
Ett naket och ett enkelt hallelujah

And all the dreams we've dreamed
The beauty we've almost forgotten
Is still there, and we can no longer lie
You call out and one hear's your voice
You hear a word that gives you comfort
A naked and a simple hallelujah




Katherine Jenkins

Brolle & Linda Bengtzing

Lina Hultén



1. 15mg piperine per day in divided doses.
2. 10gm per day of Curcumin in divided doses.
3. Limit the intake of dietary inorganic phosphates to 0.5 per cent.
4. Prayer.

Update on Falun

Which girls are visiting Thailand? I won't tell.
Who's idea was it for the girls of Falun to put the color of their bras in the status line in Facebook on New Years? I wouldn't dare tell, but I bet I am the only guy who knew the meaning.
Why do they visit Barcelona each year? Some have relatives there, but some just want to.
Frizon or Love and Peace? Both.
Backpacking Europe? Yes, when it gets warmer.
Does dalkulla mean something special? They seem to know it does.
The world without Falun? Boring.
What makes Falun special? I have no idea, the people here could really could use whatever it is.

Friday, January 8, 2010

I mina drömmar

Where do you think I was in my dream when the alarm clock awakened me. Reading a stupid sign in Thailand saying not to wear shorts in the hotel. Now, I will never know what I would have decided to wear. The girl with the ever longer braids was, of course, not there. I remember the trouble the people I was with had trying to call back home. I am glad that I have SKYPE, even though, I cannot say who used it send me a Christmas Greeting. Tack om du någonsin läser detta. Gott nytt åååår!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Health Tip

Eat more 3-hydroxydibenzo-α-pyrone (3-OH-DBP) and 3,8- dihydroxydibenzo-α-pyrone [3,8-(OH)2-DBP].

A Great Translation

I like this translation better than what the song really means. It is healthier to think of the present than the eternal when emotions are involved. PTL.