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Monday, February 14, 2011

My definition of Skår

Some words are not in my Swedish dictionary. Apparently, This is because they are considered to be Norwegian. So, I make up my own definition.

Skår is a noun meaning a score (as in carpentry) in the sense of a cutting. It is a Norwegian word used in Swedish. It is a suburb of GBG located in the borough, i.e., stadsdelsnämndsområden, of Örgryte. It is directly east of Liseberg. Skår är en stadsdel i Göteborg.

Google directions from Skår to Liseberg. 2.0 km

1. Head south on Skårsgatan toward Förtroligheten
600 m
2. At the traffic circle, take the 3rd exit onto Sankt Sigfridsgatan
950 m
3. Turn right at Mölndalsvägen
1.0 km
4. Continue onto Södra Vägen
600 m
5. At Korsvägen, take the 2nd exit onto Örgrytevägen
Destination will be on the right
190 m

Örgrytevägen 5
412 51 Gothenburg urban area, Sweden