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Friday, December 28, 2012

Dashka's Stone

AF: You say that the slab is a map. What is it that makes you think that?
AC: At the start, we thought that the surface of the rock was simply cracked because of its great age or its natural structure. But when we began examining a little more near these signs we identified them as rivers. I discovered that the right banks of the rivers were clearly marked, while the left banks were more polished. This is thus in as in reality because of the effect of the rotation of the Earth and forces of Coriolis. I have therefore looked at the edges of the canals to determine the direction of the current of the rivers. The fact is that the laws of Coriolis and Beer weren�t discovered until last century. What a shock to see that this map had been conceived according to these principles. In most cases, these two indices not sufficient to assert that it was a matter of a map.
A map is a mathematical system, thus when I calculated the distance between the height and the width of the rock, I discovered that the angle of the tangential was one of 54 degrees, which corresponds to the Ufa latitude. At this stage, the meaning of a certain sign figuring on the map was clear. This was a circle crossed by two tangential lines and the angle between the two was exactly 54 degrees. That gave me the key to calculate the exact latitude of the drawn area on the map and, from there, find the mathematical system on which the map was based. And this corresponds perfectly to all the recent maps of the region. The system used is neither that of Mercator nor that of Gauss-Kluger.
But to erect a map, the cartographic principles are not sufficient. It is equally necessary to use conventional signs, that we deduced from the inscriptions. One understood that the map represented 32 dams inside a hydrographic system. That shows that the map is the work of a civilization that had to control its rivers with the assistance of barriers - a little like Holland today.

Monday, December 24, 2012

A Curious Comment on CleantechBlog

I am still wondering about that curios exchange on CleantechBlog last August:

travis's avatar
travis· 70 weeks ago
My name is Travis Bryant Moore and I propose the idea of using nickel powder with pressurized hydrogen and set into Low nuclear reactions with a Tesla coil of 100,000volts to 2million volts.
3 replies · active 35 weeks ago
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Lucky Saint· 62 weeks ago
No. Take 2 copper disks size of a penny. Put a dent in one. Mix ultra fine magnesium hydride soft iron powder and nickel powder in equal portions. Make sure ALL ball milling, preparation and procedures are strictly inert atmosphere and dry box manipulations. Compress a portion of the mix to a small pill which fits easily into the disk indentation. Seal the chamber, welding with jeweler's tools. Place reactor in a small beaker with water. Place on top of induction coil heating unit. Cause the water to boil from heat induced by alternating magnetic field. Once boiling, turn off the induction heater. Keep adding water as the boiling will continue by itself for ? years. Mine is still boiling after over 5 years.
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bill· 58 weeks ago
If this is so, why not spread the information around? Or is it a secret, like the Rossi BS.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Freeway Service Patrol

Freeway Service Patrol — This service is operational on Hawaii’s freeways and sponsored by Hawaii’s Department of Transportation, the Honolulu Police and Fire departments, and Emergency Medical Services. The free service provides assistance to stranded motorists by changing flat tires, jump-starting vehicles, refilling radiators, making some temporary repairs and providing an emergency gallon of gasoline. The service is available 5 a.m.-7 p.m., Monday-Friday, except federal holidays. Call 841-4357.

Freedom Run

Freedom Run is a family oriented running event aimed at promoting a drug-free Hawai‘i in Wahiawa and beyond.  This year, 2012, is the first year the event is being held.  It is hosted by an organization called Surfing the Nations.  Surfing the Nations is an organization with a mission.  Surfing the nations has an international reach with volunteers from many countries transforming the world. This new event  is part of their larger, ongoing effort to effect a transformation of Wahiawa  that will encourage family friendly lifestyles and habits for Wahiawa residents.

You can be a part of it by simply by taking part in the run or making a donation. Where will you be early Saturday morning, July 14, 2012?  Why not be a part of the effort to transform your community into what it should be?   Simply click on Freedom Run to find out how (, or if you are tired of reading, simply fill out the entry form and send it in).

More motivation to get of bed on Saturday morning.

Renee & Surfing the Nations from Renee Arnold on Vimeo.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Helen Slater
Some women have that special look in their eyes.  It makes me wonder if they dream of flying, too.

In 1984, Helen Rachel Watzke became a blonde and exercised 3 hours per day for three months to turn into her new persona.


Some people don't seem to change.

Still flying in her dreams

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Practical Fusion Reactors

Here is the link to Ed Storms Paper. Unlike Ed, Rossi calls them tubules, not cracks. The melting point of nickel is 1453°C. The operating temperature for a reactor actively sintering nickel powder seems to be about 600 degrees Centigrade. See the paper, Sintering Temperature Curve

Assuming graphane is the secret catalyst, how does this affect graphane. Is it stable enough at this temperature to permit stimulated annealing and reforming of the catalyst? See the paper, Thermal Desorption of Hydrogen From Graphane. Can graphane be used as a catalyst to generate a degenerate phase and Helium-3 in some way?

Is there an alternative to 3H-3He fusion which is safe and clean? See the report on Helium-3 Fusion reactors.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Don't pass me by!

wayehi  => ויהי  => καιεγενετο

=>  Jahwarþ  =>  Och det begaf sig  => *

“And it came to pass” is an English idiom used to translate the “double infinitive absolute” composed of “to and” and “to become” used to indicate the passage to a subsequent event on a curve in emergent spacetime. It is left to the reader figure out the definition in the presence of time reversal symmetry.  Hint: Biblical "wehaya" means literally "and it was", but is interpreted as "and it will come to pass".  Those who live in a world of letters would say in the text rather than in my world of emergent spacetime, but it common practice to identify one with the other except in the world of fiction.  The middle three translations below are the Hebrew, Greek, Gothic and a not very recent Swedish translation that I like.  I like the Gothic one best.  Think of  “Jah” meaning “to and” and warþ meaning “to become”.  The curious similarity of warþ to “warp” and “will” makes it easy to remember. The astute reader might notice that my use of “=>” may be regarded as a symbol for this phase. The chronology runs from the time of the Torah periods to time of Koine to 348 to 1873 to 1878.  It was the asterisk that aroused my curiosity about what it all means. Naïve readers probably think it refers a footnote that was mistakenly left out.

wayehi  => ו ויה  =>  καὶἐγένετο =>  Jahwarþ  =>  Och det begaf sig  => *

One = WA = ו - = και = Jah = Och = and

Instead of adding the nonsensical, "to pass", wouldn't it  have been better to add "to be" or simply change it to "and it became" as some do.  For English speaker who do not know what "to pass" really means, I offer this song in Swedish.

Gå inte förbi (Don't pass me by)

Skyarna faller på gammal som ung = The heavens are falling on both young and old
vårvinterns himmel faller så tungt = Late winter's sky is falling heavily
och alla söker något att hålla sig i = and everybody's searching for something to hold on to
med hjärtan som viskar gå inte förbi = with hearts whispering, don't pass me by
Ute på vägen i snöblandat regn = Out on the way, in snow-mixed rain
med ett steg til gränsen och tusen mil hem = One step to the boundary, and a thousand miles home
hon väntar på någon från en helt annan tid = She's waiting for someone from a whole other time
i hjärtat står skrivet gå inte förbi = In the heart it's written, don't pass me by

Innanför murar står klockorna still = Within the walls, the clock is standing still
han fick hela världen och månen därtill = He's got the whole world, and the moon too.
ingen är så lycklig och ingen så fri = No one is as happy, and no one as free
men hjärtet det flämtar gå inte förbi = But the heart faintly calls out, don't pass me by
Barnet som slumrar så nära inpå = The child that's slumbering so close by
där ingenting ont eller hotfullt kan nå = where nothing mean or threatening can reach
lämnar nu drömmen och vacknar till liv = now leave the dream and wake up to life
med blickar som säger gå inte förbi = with glances that's saying, don't pass me by

Nånstans där borta en bit längre fram = Somewhere yonder, a bit further ahead
finns dagar som lovar en varmare famn = there are days promising a warmer embrace
och du vet var jag finns så låt inte bli = and you know where to find me, so don't let it be
du får inte gå nu gå inte förbi = I wont't let you go now, don't pass me by
du får inte gå nu gå inte förbi = I won't let you go now, don't pass me by
du får inte gå nu gå inte förbi = I won't let you go now, don't pass me by

History of the Music called "Slane"

English, Gaelic and Hungarian

Original Lyrics of Rop Tú Mo Baile (Gaelic)
by Dallan Forgaill (530-598) taken from the poem "Rob tu mo bhoile, a Comdi cride" added to music entitled "Slane"
Rop tú mo baile, a Choimdiu cride: = Be Thou my vision, beloved Lord;
ní ní nech aile acht Rí secht nime. = none other is aught but the King of the seven heavens.
Rop tú mo scrútain i l-ló 's i n-aidche; =  Be Thou my meditation by day and night;
rop tú ad-chëar im chotlud caidche. = may it be you that I behold forever in my sleep.
Rop tú mo labra, rop tú mo thuicsiu; = Be Thou my speech, be Thou my understanding;
rop tussu dam-sa, rob misse duit-siu. = be Thou for me; may I be yours.
Rop tussu m'athair, rob mé do mac-su;  = Be Thou my father; may I be your son.
rop tussu lem-sa, rob misse lat-su. = May you be mine; may I be yours.
Rop tú mo chathscíath, rop tú mo chlaideb; = Be Thou my battle-shield, be Thou my sword;
rop tussu m'ordan, rop tussu m'airer. = be Thou my honour, be Thou my delight.
Rop tú mo dítiu, rop tú mo daingen; = Be Thou my shelter, be Thou my stronghold;
rop tú nom-thocba i n-áentaid n-aingel. = may you raise me up to the company of the angels.
Rop tú cech maithius dom churp, dom anmain; = Be Thou every good to my body and soul;
rop tú mo flaithius i n-nim 's i talmain. = be Thou my kingdom in heaven and earth.
Rop tussu t' áenur sainserc mo chride; = Be Thou alone my heart's special love;
ní rop nech aile acht Airdrí nime. = let there be none other except the High-king of heaven.
Co talla forum, ré n-dul it láma, = Before going into thy hands,
mo chuit, mo chotlud, ar méit do gráda. = my sustenance, my sleep, through greatness of love for you.
Rop tussu t' áenur m' urrann úais amra: = Be Thou alone my wonderful portion:
ní chuinngim daíne ná maíne marba. =  I seek not men nor lifeless wealth.
Rop amlaid dínsiur cech sel, cech sáegul, = To see you alone, may I despise all time,
mar marb oc brénad, ar t' fégad t' áenur.  = all life, as a stinking corpse.
Do serc im anmain, do grád im chride, = Your love in my soul and in my heart
tabair dam amlaid, a Rí secht nime. = grant this to me, Oh King of the seven heavens.
Tabair dam amlaid, a Rí secht nime, = Grant this to me, oh King of the seven heavens,
do serc im anmain, do grád im chride. = your love in my soul and in my heart.
Go Ríg na n-uile rís íar m-búaid léire; = To the King of all may I come after prized practice of devotion;
ro béo i flaith nime i n-gile gréine = may I be in the kingdom of heaven in the brightness of the sun.
A Athair inmain, cluinte mo núall-sa: = Beloved Father, hear my lamentation:
mithig (mo-núarán!) lasin trúagán trúag-sa. = this miserable wretch (alas!) thinks it is time.
A Chríst mo chride, cip ed dom-aire, =  Beloved Christ, what ever befalls me,
a Flaith na n-uile, rop tú mo baile. = oh Ruler of all, be Thou my vision.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Today's Swedish lesson.

The reason for this video being in my Swedish lesson is that I want to know what it being said. 

Jag lyssnar på musik och min Ande svävar fortfarande över huvudstad i Dalärna.

Sonja Aldén – I din himmel: Låtens text

Ett steg i sänder och en tro = A step in sending and a belief
att detta liv får ha en bro = that this life may have a bridge
en bro över tid och över rum =  a bridge across time and across space
där år och dagar ryms i en sekund = where the year and days fit in one second 

Där i din himmel bortom sekel av skimmer = There in your heaven beyond a century of shimmer
Längre än ögat når, än jag förstår = Further than the eye can see, now I understand
väntar du på mig = you are waiting for me
Och när tiden är inne, när livet blir till ett minne = And when the time comes, when life becomes a memory
Hittar jag vägen fram till evighetens land och till dig = I'll find the way to the eternal land and to you 
Av alla tecken man kan få = Of all the signs one can have
Från nån vars klocka slutat slå = from someone whose clock has stopped beating
Lyser det starkaste just nu = This now shines the brightest
För lugnet som jag fått hade du = The peace I received had been you 

Där i din himmel bortom sekel av skimmer = There in your sky beyond a century of shimmer
Längre än ögat når, än jag förstår = Further than the eye can see, now I understand
väntar du på mig = you are waiting for me
Och när tiden är inne, när livet blir till ett minne  = And when the time comes, when life becomes a memory
Hittar jag vägen fram till evighetens land och till dig = I'll find the way to the eternal country and to you 
När tiden är inne, när livet blir till ett minne = And when the time comes, when life becomes a memory
Hittar jag vägen fram till evighetens land och till dig = I'll find the way to the eternal land and to you 

Låtskrivare: Sonja Aldén, Bobby Ljunggren, Peter Boström

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mathematical Physics

The main advances in physic have come in condensed matter, but some still have hope for theoretical physics of yore.

 Nima Arkani-Hamed mentions Alexander Grothendieck in the video below. That is reason enough for me to watch the video. He is talking to mathematicians, including his colleague Pierre Deligne at the IAS, and says that he is moving from the old-style of Atiyah mathematics to a new-style of Grothendieck-based mathematics. Slides.

Renate Loll from Utrecht University's Institute

Quantum Computing

This obnoxious lecture in a good introduction.

This video a good next step.

Videos of 3 Part Google Tech. Talk on Quantum Computing:

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What happened in 774 AD?

In 774 AD, the atmospheric level of carbon-14 jumped by 1.2% over the course of no longer than a year, about 20 times more than the normal rate of variation. There is no theory based on any kind of evidence on why this occurred. So I read that period in history. Europe became formally united under the Holy Roman Empire and the Mideast loosely united as Muslims.  The climax of bloodshed put an end to what civilization was left for a millennium.  Also, the founders of the religion in Japan were born.  I did not find anything that would shed light on the actual events. 


Monday, June 4, 2012

Ancient Egyptian Names

GEN 41:45 And Pharaoh called Joseph's name Zaphnathpaaneah; and he gave him to wife Asenath the daughter of Potipherah priest of On. And Joseph went out over all the land of Egypt.

There are lots of theories about what the ancient Egyptian names in Genesis 41:45 mean.  Here is my theory for anyone who is interested.  What it suggests to me is that the name was in part derived from the name of the wife he was being given and his acceptance.  My reason for suspecting this is that it contains the same good luck wishes or symbols as the name of one he was to marry.  These include SA, the symbol for protection and SHEN, the symbol for eternity. Also, Joseph is given the name and the wife in the same sentence, at least in the translations.  The first part of the ceremonial name for Joseph does not contain SHEN (which is spelled sn), so Pharaoh may have added the ending to make up for it and to make it more masculine sounding. 

There are a variety of translations for these names. None seem to have anything in common. I have no idea whether they have any merit, so I thought up my own interpretation. Some examples from thers of Asenath  are:  "Follower of Neith",  "she belongs to her father", "thorn bush" and "gift of Isis".  Some examples of ZAPHNATH-PAANEAH are: "the nourisher of the living", "the man to whom mysteries are revealed", "savior of the world",  "the god speaks, [and] he lives.", "treasury of the glorious rest".

My probably misguided literal translation:


zp = accept or bind

ḥ = house

ntḥ = the pre-dynastic religious symbol for Lower Egypt

p = the

nḥ = eternity (or Ankh if you think it is a hard h sound as in Hebrew, צָפְנַת פַּעְנֵחַ )



s = son or daughter

ḥ = house

ntḥ = the pre-dynastic religious symbol for Lower Egypt

N.B., sn is the symbol for eternity and s is the symbol for protection. So, the name is filled with good luck symbols for the house of Lower Egypt.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Timbuktu - Det Löser Sig (My Swedish Lesson for Today)

Hej allihopa.
Hej, hej, hallå!
Hej, goddag, tack, goddag, hej, goddag.
Hur är läget?
Jo, tack...
Såhär är det,
att ännu en gång står vi inför samma gamla problem som vanligt.
Dom har fan blivit'stora, och dom var pyttesmå.
Och jag vet som vanligt inte hur vi ska lösa dem
eller komma över dem här sakerna som står mellan oss och total lycka.
Vad jag tror är att om vi skiter i det och inte gör ett piss,
så kommer nog tiden att lösa hela grejen,
för tiden har en sån magisk effekt på oss.
Mañana mañana, eller manana manana som vi säger.
Skjut på det, skjut på det, skjut på det.

Hon sa att det gått tre veckor över tiden,
jag tänkte det är bäst att hon överdriver,
vadå dom pillerna du tar var dag,
hjälper inte dom ska du och jag ha barn,
jag menar jag har gig och du har ditt plugg,
det är väl bra med kids men nu blir litt dumt,
men gynekologen säger att det finns risker,
för psykologiska aspekter som trycker,
fan va lätt att va efterklok,
ska det bli nytt liv för vi hade sex ihop,
jag menar jag kan inte ens planera en dag fram,
ett sånt ansvar kräver en fulländad man,
det är långt ifrån jag och knappast du,
nåt att ångra nån dag inget vackert slut,
ett snabbt beslut eller du är inte säker,
bara ett sår till så kanske tiden läker det.

För det ordnar sig, det gör det alltid,
jo, det löser sig, så brukar allt bli,
det kommer fixa sig till slut,
det är inget tvivel om, fast nu känns skiten sur,
och flera mil ifrån, det ordnar sig.

Jag kastar bollen i luften, ser var den landar,
låter den studsa, ler när den stannar,
vet var jag är man, är där jag hamnar,
trevar och famlar, lever och andas,
blundar åt problemen som samlas,
hot från den ene, brev från den andre,
fogden är sne och har kletiga vantar,
tror inte det man, teven den stannar,
livet är för kort för sånt,
passerar såna bekymmer på min horisont,
planerar aldrig i förväg, jag spar på tiden,
tar ner det till en nivå där jag bara glider,
tar det lugnt, ingenting att stressa för,
kvittar vad som väntar bakom nästa krök,
nej, inget jobb, inget slit, inget folk kommer hit.
inget knas, inget skit för jag vet.

Det kommer ordna sig, det gör det alltid,
jo, det löser sig, så brukar allt bli,
det kommer fixa sig till slut,
det är inget tvivel om, fast nu känns skiten sur,
och flera mil ifrån, det ordnar sig.

Lyssna, förr eller senare kommer hon fatta,
plus du tog det jävligt lugnt och lät henne tala till punkt,
hör hur du resonerar nu när vi snackar,
man du gjorde inget dumt, lät som hon tog det för tungt,
vi har ungt blod i ådrorna, studs i dojan,
vi måste gasa när vi kan och få bukt med nojjan,
och jag kör om du ger mej nyckeln eller cykeln väljer flykten,
härifrån passa på när du sluppit bojjan,
måste kolla av resten av världen vi roddar resten på vägen,
liftar till löningen har landat,
gå från värsta misären till förfest i baksäten,
då är jag oförmögen till att stanna,
tjänar ingenting till att oroa sig mer,
det som är gjort är gjort och jag vet att jag kan lova dig,
tärningen är kastad allting står på spel,
spela korten fort för du vet det kommer ordna sig.

Åh, det kommer ordna sig, det gör det alltid,
jo, det löser sig, så brukar allt bli,
det kommer fixa sig till slut,
det är inget tvivel om, fast nu känns skiten sur,
och flera mil ifrån, det ordnar sig.
det gör det alltid,
för det löser sig, så brukar allt bli,
men det fixar sig till slut,
som allt annat,
om det inte går nu så skjuter vi bara fram det,
för det ordnar sig.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rossi is a bit more interesting than MIT

It is hard to believe the world does not have Helium-3 Power Reactors in the 21st century.

Excerpt from Rossi's Blog/Journal:

Carlo Salvi
May 21st, 2012 at 12:59 PM
Dear Mr Rossi
About the new 600° celsius e-cat:

1)Does it start with the same time of the the “first” ecat or is it more faster to began to work ?

2)Does it uses the same quantity of Ni/H ?

3)Do you think it still can work for 6 month with one recharge or the new version “burns” NI/H faster ?

4)Are the “ashes” still composed with 30% copper or something’s changed ?

5)Do you think this new product will require a different certification from the “old” version ?

6) when the new product will be released, this will replace the first version or do you think you’ll sell both products ?

Thank you very much, and good luck Mr Rossi.

Carlo Salvi

Andrea Rossi
May 22nd, 2012 at 2:22 AM
Dear Carlo Salvi:
1- faster
2- less
3- yes
4- changed
5- yes
6- no: they have different purposes.
Warm Regards,

NASA Sterling Engine

The Solvay Conference

Not really, but the closest I could find. It is nice to hear about the "right hand partner" of the neutrino, heavy electrons, etc. as fact rather than theoretical constructs with no experimental justification. It makes me wish I actually lived in 2012 where the evidence for ultra low momentum electrons in lightning was clear.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Musical E-Cats

The prototype 1 Megawatt E-Cat was demonstrated last October in Italy. It was purchased by a customer in the U.S. for the military. Instead of shipping it across the ocean, a new one was built. The original one had a problem with leaky gaskets which had to be fixed. Through work with the customer, the E-Cat has been improved. A demonstration of the new instrumentation was given on 20 February 2012. Formerly, stable operation could only be achieved by limiting operation to about 250 degrees Centigrade.  Now stable operation appears to be possible at 600 degrees Centigrade. Testing at a higher temperature has been proceeding for over a month so far. The original prototype in Italy is being sold to a European customer.  The 1 Megawatt E-Cat is still selling for 1.5 million U.S. dollars.

Like Rossi's company, claims to allow operation at higher temperatures of about 350 degrees Centigrade. This is the the limit for using water as the thermal transfer medium. Defkalion also states that it limits temperature in the core to 500 degress centigrade. About  Defkalion had a test on 24 February attended by some Italian governmental officials. After which, they imposed a blackout on information until August 2012. Some anonymous person posted the following:

I was told that they were trying to actually see what happens in their device with some glass with a melting point of 1500degc. They saw it light up like the sun and then it melted the glass. This just took a second or two. I was told what their working theory was, but they really don’t know what is going on. They have brought in several academics with a myraid of explanations . . .

This makes me speculate that perhaps helium-3 was being adsorbed into the glass and triggered a reaction. I have not seen any speculation from anyone other than myself.


The 14 May 2012 issue of Chemical and Engineering News has the following:

After 20-plus years of outcast status, unconventional heat-producing nuclear reactions still seem plausible
(pp. 42-44)
Maybe I should join the American Chemical Society so I can read it.

Other things I read today:
Possible Ferromagnetism of Hign Density Hydrogen Solids

Friday, April 27, 2012

electronic lattice bound materials

Classic Definitions: Of the millions of different chemical systems discovered since chemistry began, many are solids at room temperature. From the early days these solids have been classified in the four families, molecular, ionic, covalent and metallic solids, based on the nature of the forces which bind the atoms. Ideal solids consist of an arrangement of atoms repeated indefinitely in space. The term extended solid refers to the case where the bonding between the atoms is reasonably uniform in strength throughout the structure (e.g. diamond, metallic Cu). An ionic material is an extended solid in which substantial charge transfer has occurred (e.g. NaCl). A molecular (or atomic) solid consists of small discrete molecules (or atoms) weakly bound together (e.g. solid CH4 or Xe, white P). The latter category should be characterised by low melting points (or low sublimation temperatures). Molecular solids are composed of groups of covalently bound atoms, i.e., molecules, held by weak charge-polarization (van der Waals) forces. In ionic solids, electrostatic attraction is the primary force binding cations and anions. Bonding in covalent solids is similar to that within molecules but extends over the whole crystallite. Metallic solids also exhibit extended bonding but, in addition, possess weakly bound, highly delocalized electrons easily moved by applied fields. Of course, this classification is somewhat artificial and many solids exhibit complex bonding in which more than one type of bonding is displayed. Molecular clusters in the solid state are naturally described nowadays with molecular-orbital models. The forces binding the fundamental units (atoms, ions or molecules) together may be essentially non-directional or directional. Non-directional forces result in structures based on close packing, while directional forces lead to more open structures, often based on linked polyhedra or groups of polyhedra. The two categories are now considered separately.

Darpa Definition: Extended solids are polymorphs/phases of simple molecules that are currently formed under ultrahigh pressure conditions where strong intermolecular bonding and tight crystal packing can be induced, leading to dramatic changes in physical, mechanical, and functional properties.

Darpa talks about extented high pressure phases. By this they apparently mean phases that can be induced by high pressure although high pressure is not needed to maintain them. This is not a very good use of the word, extended, which has been used to refer to the case where atomic or molecular bonding is reasonably uniform.. I assume they actually mean materials bound by an electronic lattice. The strength and QED properties of the electronic lattice often confers exceptional properties on the materials.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Information from Brillouin Energy Corporation

Today's Swedish Lesson

A song, of course.

“Jag måste va’ barnvakt”

Jag måste va’ barnvakt.   Vara barnvakt åt denna tjej.   Vara barnvakt Hemma hos mig. Det e inte okej.  Att passa denna tjei.   Det e inte din grej.  Att passa inte som mig. Jag måste va’ barnvakt.   Jag måste va’ barnvakt.   
My translation:
I must be babysitting. Being babysitter for this girl. Babysitting at home with me. This is not okay. To accommodate this girl. The is not your thing. That does not suit me. I must be babysitting. I must be babysitting.

Del 4 av 10. Mojjes kärleksemester i fjällen ser ut att inte riktigt bli som han tänkt sig. Inte nog med att Plåstret dykt upp dessutom är grabbarna i bandet inte så glada över att bo i ett ruckel i fjällen i stället för en bungalow på en strand i Karibien.

My translation:

Part 4 of 10. Mojje's love holiday in the mountains seems to be not quite what he intended. Not only has the crack surfaced, but in addition, the guys in the band are not so happy to live in a shack in the mountains instead of a bungalow on a beach in the Caribbean

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Electronic Lattices

The visible world consists of electronic lattices composed of orbitrons, spinons and holons.  An orbitron is a particle with an angular momentum quantum number.  In one form, its oscillations may give rise to neutrinos.  A holon is usually defined as synonym for chargon, but is sometimes defined as its antiparticle.  A holon is a charged boson.  A spinon is neutral, charge ½ fermion.  Spinons can bind together with an elastic force in a pair called a magnon.    A holon and a spinon can also bind together. By changing the surface energy of the lattices, you change the way they interact. For example, by lowering the surface energy of graphene oxide membrane you can make it super hydrophilic and change the color.  The collective behavior of charged particles confined within a two dimensional lattice gives rise to photons at the edges.  How many more dimensions are needed to produce gravity?

Today it possible to create allotropes of elements and compounds held together by electronic lattices that where declared to be impossible in the last century.  Look at the solid allotropes of Xenon and hydrogen.  Who would have dreamed living in a world with everything from Fermi degenerate plasmas of electrons or hydrogen ions to chiral A-A layering of graphene?  Everything is now possible.  Earth could be made into a paradise for everyone with just some graphene oxide, but who would believe?