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Friday, February 19, 2010

We're All Alone

performed by Юлия Beredenko Townsend MacLean

This is the song I was listening to when I found the wise comment by 健康保寶 on a post in my blog. Below are the other videos of Юлия that I enjoy. Of the songs in Russian, it is mostly the Christmas carols that I enjoy. If she sang in Sweden, I would enjoy her more because she would have more cooperative and happier people in the audience. My favorite people recenly visited New Zealand and my favorite singer, Katherine Jenkins, says that of the countries she has not sung in, New Zealand is where she would most like to put on a concert. She sings a number of the same songs as Юлия. If 健康保寶 reads my blog again, I hope 健康保寶 finds this post. That is why I mention the screen name,健康保寶.

Food Bank

Quest for Camelot – The Prayer

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