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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

MAC Video Upload From iPhoto to Flickr and FaceBook

1. Drag your movie file onto your desktop. (imovie makes movie with the unpopular "mov" format. (example
2. Rename the file and change the ".mov" to a more compatible format, for example "avi"
3. If you want to view the movies before you upload them use VLC player. it supports more formats than quicktime.

Other options are shown in this video

Quickly Upload Photos and Video to Facebook via Email

It works like this: Just log in and head to the Facebook Mobile page, then look for the custom email address under the Upload Photos via Email section. Copy the address, add it to your contacts, and next time you want to upload something to Facebook, just compose and email to your custom address and attach the files in question. Similarly, if someone sends you photos you want to upload to Facebook, you can simply forward the email and attachments to your custom Facebook address.

General Information on Facebook Videos.
Make sure the video is encoded in one of the following formats:
QuickTime Movie (mov)
Windows Media Video (wmv)
AVI Video (avi)
MPEG Video (mpg, mpeg)
Windows Media Video (asf)
MPEG-4 Video (mp4, mpeg4)
Mobile Video (3gpp, 3gp, 3g2)
Matroska Format (mkv)
Flash Player Video (flv)
DVD Video (vob)
Ogg Format (ogm)
Nullsoft Video (nsv)

You need to add the Video application to your account. You can find this application here, you can click this link after you log in.…

Once you have this application, follow these steps to upload a video:

1-Go to your profile.
2-Select the Wall tab.
3-Click 'Video' inside the Publisher box.
4-Select which type of video you'd like to make.
5-Follow the on screen directions for your particular upload type.

When you're done, click "Post" to generate a story about your video and store the video permanently in My Videos

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