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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Family Tree

I traced my family on the Camery side back to 1592. Lots of Camery's before that, but who knows if they are related to me. I find it really funny that deaths were recorded in Latin, the dead language, while births were recorded in English or German, our living, breathing languages. It is amazing how close the spelling of name is to what we use today. I thought it would be different. Here is an example. Too much trouble to try to trace my grandparents: Boothby, Corbin, Edgington, Poole, etc. Boothby seems to be an Anglo-Saxon version of a Danish name. Corbin is from Normandy, but I guess they lived in Scotland. Poole is an Anglo-Saxon name perhaps from Cheshire, England. Edgington is an Anglo-Saxon version of an English name, but I guess they actually lived in Wales. Everyone is pretty much related everyone on this planet. Few tourists from elsewhere in the universe, I guess.

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