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Monday, February 15, 2010

Just my Opinion

If anyone else believed it, I would quote them.

My Editorial.
Depression. I keep wondering why most everyone in paradise seems depressed while the people in Sweden are dancing around poles or jumping up and with happiness. One of the inhabitants of paradise suggested it was because it so cold, they have to jump up and down to stay warm. That really shows how depressed the people here are. Their theory does not bear close scrutiny because they jump up down more in the summer and when visiting warm climates like here. I can’t believe that vitamin D has much effect, because there would be significant difference between lighter and darker skinned individuals which there is not, at least not in my observation. Nutritionist says that people get depressed for the same reason they get colds, etc. Namely, zinc deficiency affects the brain as well as the immune system. However, most of the depressed people say they have used drugs, so that is probably just as important a factor. Some more zinc probably would not help them. Too much zinc gives you a copper deficiency. Sweden is blessed with both copper and zinc. Zinc is so important to human nutrition that it is highly regulated in human milk. So, Swedish babies wouldn’t get any more zinc, just more copper. At least nobody’s babies will get depressed. Being around depressed people all the time is not healthy, especially for the blood pressure, human contact, etc. So, my solution is to visit Sweden on the internet. PTL, Sweden lives on the internet. So you can observe normal people other than the two year old kids and tourists here. My favorite place is their famous mining town, maybe because of all the copper and zinc in the soil, or maybe just there are so many fantastic people in that little town.

The military uses selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors to try to prevent soldiers from killing themselves. This more than anything else, highlights the nature of the changes in military culture that took place in the 1970’s. It is funny living in a world where people are so depressed that they don’t even recognize it as a problem. It is just normal for them since everyone is like that, because the world is so bad. Hasn’t anyone ever told them that no matter how bad one’s circumstances become, one’s own happiness is the one thing you can always control, unless you do something stupid like drugs, junk food, etc? Then, maybe it is too late for you. Oh well, what can I do except be happy, and let you believe the crazy things you do about me and my happiness. I do pity all the unhappy people in paradise,(notice I did not say living).


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