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Monday, February 1, 2010

Fake Husbands on Facebook

Some women on facebook are so attractive that they need fake husbands to keep guys from messing with them. It lasts for a few months. Finally, she sends him a message. Then, it comes to an end. The fake husband does not even notice. But, her many admirers do. All the guys who click “like” on her latest post start acting weird, but amusingly, the girl with the same name as Jogging thinks it is because of her. The strangely attractive one adds her new photos and her real life goes on, "vi lever våran dröm, både borta och hemma"
♥ Men välkommen hem!

So does my imaginary life planning for my birthday. I wouldn’t want to be a fake husband to someone like that. I would play the role too well and write on her wall each day so she would know how much I cared. Who could take that? She would have to drop me after a week or less. However, at my imaginary birthday party, maybe Brownie might like to pretend just for fun. We could devise cunning ways to fool anyone who does not actually know her. Her white dress will be perfect for our impromptu wedding and reception pictures. We will need more guests. Ketchup and Puppy are invited. Don’t worry Ketchup. Jogging has promised not to call you Tabasco again. And, you are to be nice to Puppy, no matter how much she flirts by playing with her hair. We will work out the details at the party. You are more creative than I could ever be in these types of things.

This post is just to amuse myself and lift my spirits. I didn’t invite any of my friends on facebook because this is just an imaginary party and they are real. So, I hope to see my real friends this weekend and dream about my imaginary ones. But, of course, I wish my imagery ones were real too.

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