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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Pyridoxamine Ban

How much should I buy before the ban takes it off the market. The expiration date is 06/11. One per day till then I guess. It has been in the food supply since the cave man. Do they really think they make me eat liver/burnt animal flesh to get the stuff? How barbaric. Is this really the 21st century? I am reading all the weird stuff in Google Scholar about pyridoxamine.

.. During this period, the Board of Patent Appeals repeatedly reaffirmed the logic of American Wood Paper, finding in separate cases that isolated and purified musk from a muskrat gland (184) and synthesized pure pyridoxamine (185) lacked invention and were, therefore ...

"Anti-macrocytic Anemia" Factors
• One is Pyridoxamine phosphate.
• The stimulatory factor is calcium and/or the peptide component of casein.
• Also, the Fermentation products of Lactobacillus lactis, Dorner.
• Finally, other factors include the B12 vitamin.

Pyridoxamine inhibits early renal disease and dyslipidemia in the … [PDF]

The AGE inhibitor pyridoxamine inhibits development of retinopathy in … [HTML]

Pyridoxamine lowers kidney crystals in experimental hyperoxaluria: a potential …

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