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Monday, November 30, 2009

secret dreams for the summer of 2010

Something is missing....
when you surf the internet rather than the real thing.

Something is missing...
when you see a logo and and and cannot see into the heart of its designer.

Something is missing...
when someone you love doesn't already know before you tell them.

Something is missing...
when you don't jump in the air.

Something is missing...
when your friends don't jump, too.

Something will be missing forever,
if you don't fulfill your secret dreams for the summer of 2010.

Just joking, don't do it! Don't do it!

P.S. The last line is just in case the wrong person reads this. Maybe I put in the wrong logo to fool people and maybe I didn't. All, that is certain is that I wish the best to all your guys and gals who jump in the air. So, the one with the guitar needs to put it down and jump too. Alliopa, ett raskt hopp!

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