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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Frizon near Örebro - Mitt hjärtas lovsång

This is not really how I picture Frizone. All the funny things and the loving, happy people, those four girls, the fried chicken, etc. that I've seen in photos are missing, but this is the best I can do since I was not there. I pretty much stopped eating fried chicken after that anyway. These would be my favorite Christian songs if not for the work of my favorite singer. These familiar songs seem the easiest way to learn a little bit of Swedish providing you grew up as a Christian. I thought 2007 was the greatest year, but then the miraculous return of 2009 occurred. Obviously, I am writing about this and the other two music festivals as a souvenir for myself and not so anyone could ever understand. Not even those two girls who were at all three.

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