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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Nickname

I have a nickname, but never tell anyone, unless they specifically ask, or they have a nickname that I really like. I answer the phone, “Hello, John Camery speaking”. Some close friends respond with “Hi John Camery!” with delight rather using my nickname as usual. So, if I really like someone’s nickname, I say hi to them in the longest way possible with their middle and last names in hopes they will let me call them by their nickname. They never seem to catch on. I love mathematics, so I like the name, “Math-ew”, with one “t”, but that’s not me. Even my nephew, “Matthew”, has two “T”’s. I can’t say my favorite girls name, since some reading this might have it that as their name or nickname and might mistakenly think I have a crush on them. Also, it does not start with an “M” so it is only obvious to her closest friends. Anyone who can figure any of this out is welcome as my friend on myspace or facebook.

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