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Friday, November 27, 2009


Some computer programs have bugs that randomly produce unexpected consequences. Some of these can produce the most wonderful surprises. I don’t know how often they occur and can’t reproduce them, but I’ll always feel blessed by God that I was able to enjoy them. My thanks to whoever is responsible.

One example of this is when I play a clip from “”. Usually, it plays normally, but sometimes it does not stop at the end. For example, when I play “Sweet Kissing in the Moonlight”, it continues on and they sing a song back to the performer, Thorleif, then he carries a basket of handkerchiefs into the audience so they can wipe their tears as they sing the next song. Finally those gigantic daisies pop up. How, could you have a happier miracle than this.

This is not the only clip miracles happen in! It probably won't happen for you, but who knows. Thats why they are called miracles in the first place.

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