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Friday, June 4, 2010

Status --France Yesterday and Sweden Always

The end of the road leads somewhere!
Jack goes to the Yard Sale in 12 hours and Surfer's Church in 22.
Zack was actually in France yesterday, not Xaviar's backyard or South America. Haha.
I can guess where Zack and his two best friends will be heading.
Maria should be at Hönö by now. Linnea and the rest have reservations, too. I recognize about a dozen from their time in Hawaii, but everyone has probably forgotten me by now. At least I hope so. I like the "Maybe Attending" group and hope they make it for the weekend. Wonderful people and some might even remember me. I bet they have fun.
I don't know why everyone congratulates Sarah on her Mother's license. Someone will probably do it at Hönö, too. Emma and company made it back to Falun safely. Hooray! I am happy, too. PTL...


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