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Sunday, June 13, 2010

In search of people who are happy and communicate...

Groups in our society are generally not supposed to talk to each other. Information Assurance (IA) people are only allowed to talk to IA people, etc. Employers require employees to sign secrecy agreements not to speak without special permissions. People are on guard that the people around them may be criminals trying to elicit information to harm them or others they care about. Public figures make their living stereotyping and pitting one group against in order to gain a following. Widespread drug like use of coffee, alcohol, etc. combined with illicit drugs and poor nutrition acts to prevent intelligent conversation or real happiness. It is socially acceptable way of disciplining children and subordinates not to allow them to speak. Different groups typically invent their own jargon and consequently cannot communicate with each other. Doctors are often only allowed to reveal the outcome of medical exams to the group paying for it and not to the patient. Human resources personnel investigating abuse of employees are only allowed to reveal the results of their investigation to the employer permitting the abuse and not to the person being abused. Learning mathematics and other languages is discouraged in schools and the public media. Use of language above the sixth grade level is practically nonexistent on TV and other public media. Why should any imtelligent person give credence to someone talking to them at that level? The only socially acceptable use of communication seems to be propaganda and trying to sell things. No wonder everyone is cutoff from most of the world and unhappy with others. Whatever happened to freedom of speech and the pursuit of happiness?

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