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Friday, October 22, 2010

STN Theme Song

Here is my latest idea for a theme song for STN. Change "Blue Hawaii" to "STN" in the Vikingarna song with other appropriate changes.

Till Mitt Eget STN

Nu reser jag till STN land = Now I travel to STN land
till varm och solig strand = a warm and sunny beach.
jag surfar över vågorna = I surf over the waves
som tar mej intill land = that take me in towards land,
där flickorna dom danser = where the girls are dancing
hula hula natten lång = hula hula the whole night long
i takt med vindens melodi = along with the wind's melody
sjunger vi en sång = we all sing along
i vårt eget STN = in our own STN
i vårt eget STN = in our own STN
vi vandrar tätt intill varann = We are walking close to each other
i kvällens solnedgång = in the evening's sunset
och ukulelen spelar upp = and ukulele playing
i vårt eget STN = in our own STN
i vårt eget STN = in our own STN
STN vårt eget STN = STN our own STN
hand i hand på en solig strand = hand in hand on a sunny beach
nu är jag här i STNs land = now I'm here in STN land
i mitt eget STN = in my own STN
Himmels egen sång = Heaven's own song!!!


Here are videos with the other version:

Till mitt eget blue hawaii

Metal Version

Anachronistic Version (from the late 80th century)

On Swedish Idol with English Subtitles

Line Dance

Cool Version

The German Language Version

Dance Band Version

one last one. There are hundreds more.

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