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Monday, October 25, 2010

A Parable for the 21st Century

Graphene as a Metaphor for God

1930’s Dictum: No large scale order can exist. The only way nature improves things is by survival of the fittest. The world’s greatest mathematicians and scientists, the weak and helpless alike are murdered in concentration camps. People die by the hundreds of millions in war and unspeakable atrocities. The theory was that graphene would collapse into a ball as with theories of the big bang, black holes, Evolution of the Species and other essentially unverifiable things. Chemists forbidden to say graphene can exist in free form. Almost like say being forbidden to say God exits and to deny the really of the observable universe, endorsing murder and all that is evil.

2004: Graphene, the first of similar materials, is found to exist. Now, one can imagine a universe made out of graphene without big bang, etc. with ferromagnetism by bending the graphene; directed gravity by spinning a ferromagnetic disk; BECs with double layer graphene. Transistors made out of graphene can function as frequency multipliers. Spintronics devices are possible. Valleytronics devices are possible. Graphene can be used to clean up oil spills and other pollutants. Supersensitive chemical detectors allow us to avoid hazards or map our genomes or epigenomes. Super strong one atom thick membranes can be used as touch screens or building anything you need. Everything that one needs to make Earth a paradise for all mankind is available by the grace of God.

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