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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

E-Cat Status

This is my summary and interpretation of the status of the E-Cat based on Andrea Rossi's blog and the latest news release. 
  • 3rd Party E-Cat Testing is Complete. They are now in the analysis stage. 
  • There is a news release from a distributor, i.e. manufacturer with exclusive rights for distribution in Italy.
  • News release about the nominal operation of the hot E-Cat.  
  • The seminal idea leading to the hot E-Cat was separating the E-Cat into two parts.  One part being the activator called the mouse which contains one charge (i./e., fuel, not electrical charge). The other being the apparatus for the device proper called the "cat" containing a different charge. Both are contained in the same housing. Andrea Rossi came up with the idea.
  • Papers detailing the results of the testing will be released over the next few months.
  • Three different industrial versions are currently being manufactured. One is (natural) gas fired. 
Personally, I keep wondering whether the so-called secret catalyst may actually act a fuel, i.e., as a substrate like the nickel that ultimately leads to the transmutation products. I am thinking of it in terms of its halo and Rydberg states, i.e., the mixing of these nuclear and electronic states. 

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