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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ancient Egyptian / Linear A Notes

Ancient Egyptian did not have the letter "L".  Only in late Egyptian was the lion glyph added. The greek sounds [g], [kh], [gw], [b], [ph], [th], as well as, [L] are missing from the Linear B alphabet.  Valério 2007 demonstrates that the Linear-A sign  is based in form on the Egyptian sr , "official/dignitary/courtier." The Linear A inscriptions were chiseled into stone rather than the neat etchings of the Egyptians. See KADMOS  figure 4. This glyph is related to Hebrew srn and Ugaritic tsrn (Akkadian transliteration suranu) = /tsuranu/ prince. So, is this where our English word thou or Swedish du comes from?  Does anyone know how to pronounce ? I rest my case. Probably nobody understands anyway.

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