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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Timothy 1:10

A lesson in Greek and Gothic.  I am looking for friends (words that are similar looking and meaning to English ones) in Greek and Gothic. Rather than trying to give the most precise translation, I try to use friends as a leaning aid   "Healthy" from Gothic becomes healing and from Greek it becomes hygienic, etc. "Slave trader" from Greek becomes "man's subduer" in Gothic. "Liars" and "False swearers" become "perjurers"" "false oath takers" in Greek. "Stand against" is the way I translate from Gothic and "lies opposite" is the way from Greek. Gothic sounds more spiritual while Greek sounds more abstract, geometric and sterile to me. I wonder how it sounds to others?  "Teachings" (or doctrine) are learning in Gothic and a scholastic thing in Greek. Maybe this means that the Geeks went to school, and the Goths were home schooled. The Gothic translation ignores the word αρϲενοκοιταιϲ.  This is probably because they did know what it meant and figured the catch all phrase at the end would take care of it.  


My translation from Gothic:
Whore mongers (or whorers), man’s subduers, liars, false swearers, and any others that  to this healing learning stand against

My translation from Greek:
φονοιϲ · πορνοιϲ                 for the murderers, for the promiscuous
αρϲενοκοιταιϲ                     for men in beddings
ανδραποδιϲταιϲ f                or slave traders
ψευϲταιϲ · επιορκοιϲ   for perjurers, for false oath takers
και ει τι ετερον τη     and if any other than this
ϋγιαινουϲη διδα           (which to this) hygienic thing
ϲκαλια αντικειται       scholastic, lies opposite

Timothy 1:4

Hold not to spiel nor genealogies that go on forever and raise questions, but more as building for God that which dwells in faith.

P.S. I am trying to learn, not teach.

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