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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Muammer Yildiz's Motor

Here are the links to everything you ever wanted to know about the devices.

link to information on the Yildiz Motor

Finally there is a patent that actually tells how to build one. The prototypes cost 22,000 Euro to build. He estimates cost will come down to 4 to 5 thousand Euro with mass production.


DE 10 2007 037 186 B3
WO 2009/019001 A2

link to Jorge L. Duarte's paper on the Yildiz Motor

Link to Download Other Documents

It says something about our world that Muammer looks for permission from his lawyer before he admits he invented the device.

Video of the Yildiz's Motor

Halil's Videos om YouTube

Photo Gallery

2009 Video

A Short Video
In the News

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