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Friday, January 4, 2013

More Making Graphene Videos

Modified Hummer's Offeman Method

A) Low Temperature Stage

1) 5g Graphite 115mL H2SO4 (98%) 2.5g NaNO3

mix in an ice bath for 30 mins

2) 15g KMnO4

Slowly add, while stirring, over one hour. Stir for an additional hour keeping the temp below 5oC.

B) Mid Temperature Stage

Raise temperature to 45oC and stir for one hour. 

C) High Temperature Stage

230mL distilled water

Add 230mL water. Stir 30 for mins at 45oC

D) Termination

600mL distilled water
150mL H2O2 (9%)

add to mix

E) Finalisation
Wash in 5% HCL then distilled water. Dry

Add dried cake to 50mL of water and stir. Leave for 24 hours and filter. Discard filtrate. Solution is GO in water.

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