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Monday, December 24, 2012

A Curious Comment on CleantechBlog

I am still wondering about that curios exchange on CleantechBlog last August:

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travis· 70 weeks ago
My name is Travis Bryant Moore and I propose the idea of using nickel powder with pressurized hydrogen and set into Low nuclear reactions with a Tesla coil of 100,000volts to 2million volts.
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Lucky Saint· 62 weeks ago
No. Take 2 copper disks size of a penny. Put a dent in one. Mix ultra fine magnesium hydride soft iron powder and nickel powder in equal portions. Make sure ALL ball milling, preparation and procedures are strictly inert atmosphere and dry box manipulations. Compress a portion of the mix to a small pill which fits easily into the disk indentation. Seal the chamber, welding with jeweler's tools. Place reactor in a small beaker with water. Place on top of induction coil heating unit. Cause the water to boil from heat induced by alternating magnetic field. Once boiling, turn off the induction heater. Keep adding water as the boiling will continue by itself for ? years. Mine is still boiling after over 5 years.
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bill· 58 weeks ago
If this is so, why not spread the information around? Or is it a secret, like the Rossi BS.

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