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Monday, November 14, 2011

Rossi's Process

Rossi's comments sounds to me like he is sintering the nickel powder, but others have entirely different interpretations.

“although one might first think “the finer the better” because the finer
the powder the more surface area per volume you get, this is not the case.
Because in order to reach useful reaction rates with hydrogen, the powder
needs to processed in a way that leads to amplified tubercles on the
surface of his nano-powder.

The tubercles are essential in order for the reaction rate to reach levels
high enough for the implied total power output per volume or mass to reach
orders of magnitude kW/kg – this level of power density is required for any
useful application of the process.

Rossi tells that he worked every waking hour for six months straight,
trying dozens of combinations to find the optimal powder size for the
Energy Catalyzer, or E-Cat. He further stresses that specific data about
the final optimal grain size cannot be revealed, but can tell us that the
most efficient grain size is more in the micrometer range rather than the
nanometer range.”

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