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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Majorana Shielding

Majorana shielding is a gravitational anomaly localized in spacetime caused by the mutual annihilation of gravitons on a distant (Poincare duality type) boundary layer, e.g., gravitons from our sun passing near the moon during a total solar eclipse.   The term is often specific to the types of gravitational experiments suggested by Ettore to his uncle, but which he would never allow his name be associated.  Curiously, replication of such experiments has never been attempted by anyone according to many reports.  This seems odd since how would someone know whether an attempted replication has been made?  Ettore, Matvei Petrovich Bronstein, and Thomas Townsend Brown were the three people in the thirties who may have understood gravity.  Both were home schooled so well it is almost unbelievable. Matvei is the one who proved that General Relativity is incompatible with Quantum Theory. Astronomical observations suggest the existence of a cosmological constant introduced by Einstein (1917). Its value corresponds to the vacuum energy density (Bronstein 1933). (It should be noted that Bronstein did not use the term 'graviton' even though the word had already been in use as early as 1934.) It is now known that neutrons do not fall under gravity, but rather hop from height to height as they thought. Matvei disappeared at the same time as Ettore.  Matvei  is believed to have died in the government’s mass murder of physicists at that time, but his wife was told he was sentenced to 10 years  of labor camps without the right of correspondence. In 1990, she was shown the judgment that he had instead been sentenced to death by firing squad.  The Olso Report lead to the next mass murder of physicists. Jacques Solomon (1908-1942), undertook to develop Bronstein's ideas. However, he also was not to continue the work either. In 1942, he was arrested as an activist of the French Resistance and executed by the German Gestapo. After the end of the cold war, Matvei's ideas became known in the west. 

The following is a quote from the Afterword to the English Edition of the book 

Matvei Petrovich Bronstein

and Soviet Theoretical Physics in the Thirties

It is impossible to pass over that Ettore Majorana and Matvei Bronstein both 
were born in 1906 and died in 1938, both had no graves. This parallel is rather 
superficial: being enigmatically indifferent to life and steeped in pessimism gifted 
Italian choose to take his own life. In March 1938 he boarded a ship and no one saw 
him again. In what abyss did he disappear? It is unknown.

The same analogy is draw in:

Ettore Majorana and Matvei Bronstein (1906-1938): Men and Scientists

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