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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Comments on the E-Cat HT Tests

It is incredibly funny that some people still claim to believe that Rossi's E-Cat does not produce excess energy after all the tests.  Here are some comments by others about the tests:

E-Caat HT2 Test Apparatus

The cylinder length is 33 cm for both the outer and inner cylinder. The outer cylinder is 10 centimeters in diameter while the inner cylinder which holds the powder charge is only 33 millimeters in diameter and
placed along the center axis. A third ceramic cylinder fits between the outer and inner cylinder and holds 3 wire wound resistors equidistant from the center axis and each the full length of the cylinder such that "sequenced" power interruption of their 3 phase power source by their triac regulators should "roll" the peak thermal exposure around the surface of the inner cylinder they are designed to heat. Or am I just stating the obvious? We have always suspected this device requires a fine balance between draining away heat and initiating heating to prevent self destruction or stalling out, and the equidistant placement plus sequencing sure seems to reinforce that concern.

"Figs. 1-2. Two images from the test performed on Nov. 20th 2012.
Here, the activation of the charge (distributed laterally in the reactor)
is especially obvious.
The darker lines in the photograph are actually the shadows of the resistor coils, which yield only a minimal part of the total thermal power.
The performance of this device was such that the reactor was destroyed,
melting the internal steel cylinder and the surrounding ceramic layers.
The long term trials analyzed in the present report were purposely
performed at a lower temperatures for safety reasons."
"Fig. 3 shows a thermal video frame from the IR camera: the temperature of
859 °C refers to Area 2 (delimited by the “cross hairs”), whereas the
average temperature recorded for the body of the device, relevant to the
rectangle indicated as Area 1, is 793 °C."

E-Cat HT Test Setup

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