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Monday, April 16, 2012

Energy Harvesting Using Graphene Oxide

It is an open secret that you can use graphene oxide to harvest or scavenge energy from the environment. You can read about how to convert the energy from the forms you do not want to the forms you need. Who holds the secrets to the universe? Apparently, it is Google Scholar. Is it to simplistic to think that the solution to our problems lies there? Why do people watch the propaganda in the media instead of searching for the truth? Graphene oxide can so be used to purify water and do so many things that it is hard to imagine how civilization can possibly survive without it.  Why are children taught to hate mathematics and science rather than to love the good it could do if only people could imagine the potential they have within themselves? Why are children taught to hate rather than to love each other? Ignorance can never render justice.   

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