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Friday, February 17, 2012

Papers on Condensed Matter Physics Pertaining to Cold Fusion

Separating the junk from the interesting is not easy when you know so little physics. These are ones I find intriguing:

Cold Fusion Nuclear Reactions

A primer for electroweak induced low-energy nuclear reactions

Frozen Rigging Model of the Energy Dominated Universe

Experimental Evidence of a Neutron Flux Generation in a Plasma Discharge Electrolytic Cell

Water Plasma Modes and Nuclear Transmutations on the Metallic Cathode of a Plasma Discharge Electrolytic Cell

I wonder if the people at  CERN will read these in preparation for their conference on the 22nd.  I keep feeling that the world is backward. That pseudomagnetism is real and magnetism is just an aspect of the electroweak. Likewise, that electronic crystals, i.e., electrons circulating on 2-branes, are more real than "real" crystals. Why does my multimeter measure voltage and current instead of spin and valleys? I must be in the wrong century.

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