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Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Jokes for Today

  • There is a mysterious attractive force throughout the universe. It is called pseudomagnetism. On the other hand, when looked at as transverse spin polarization of the physical vacuum, it would seem to violate the usual interpretations of QED and QCD. My multimeter cannot measure spin and valley values, so science is safe I guess. Certain materials such as aluminum can provide a degree of shielding from spin-spin interactions and produce experimental results in accord with those expected from QED and QCD. Scientist will eventual learn to shield their experiments from unwanted interactions and scientific discovery can truly come to an end.

  • There is also a mysterious repulsive force throughout the universe. It is called diamagnetism, but it is supposedly only used to levitate frogs.

  • There is a mystery within the Star of David. It is called the chirality. It is there for all to see, but no one does. It is not a crystalline structure, but an “electronic” crystalline structure. In one layer graphene the charge carriers slow down to c/300. Adding successive layers in which like triangular lattices are aligned slows down charge carriers progressively with each successive layer until the obvious occurs, but don’t tell anyone.

  • The mass/energy equivalence being inversely proportional to the spin is really annoying when one does not believe in the transverse spin polarization of the physical vacuum and spin-spin interactions. So, don’t take the solutions to Majorana’s equation too seriously.

  • Sweden generates 45% of their electricity from hydroelectric, 40% from nuclear, 20% from biofuels grown in Sweden, 2% from wind power, etc. They are probably the only country with a plan to mass produce electric vehicles. They are the only country without a lobby trying to block new energy technology like Rossi’s E-Cat. That makes them the only environmentally conscience people on the planet. Yet, Canada’s so-called environmentalists are blocking the transport of the massive steam turbines that the Swedes purchased from Canada. The conclusion is clear. The entire population of Sweden must have been replaced by some sort of aliens from outer space bent on single handedly showing us how to save the planet.

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