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Monday, September 5, 2011

Gothic Language Lesson (Love)

Here is some gothic with the usual definitions. Freidjan is a verb meaning to take care of. Freihan is noun meaning freedom. Freis is an adjective meaning free. Friaþwa is an adjective meaning "showing love". Friaþwa is a n.str.fem meaning love or charity. Frijei is a noun meaning freedom. Frijōn is a verb, weak.II meaning to love. Frijondi is a feminine noun meaning (female or my) friend.. Frijonds is a masculine noun meaning friend. Ga-friþōn is a verb meaning to make peace between. Sáiwalafrijondi is a noun meaning my soul mate, "mina själsfrände" in Swedish. In gothic there are no spaces between "words". "I am a friend" is imfrijonds. No need for an apostrophe between the "I" an the "m", because there is no word, "am". Who needs it anyway? .I thought learning a little Gothic would help me understand the differences between English and Swedish. Most of the differences seem to be words like am and sheep that did not exist a couple millennia ago. For more information see: A Comparative Glossary of the Gothic Language by G. H. Balg To study the Gothic language see: A Primer of the Gothic Language

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