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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Swedish Abbreviations

asg: Swedish abbreviation of the term Asgarv, meaning intense laughter.
GBS: Gosta Berlings Saga (Swedish band)
iaf: I Alla Fall (Swedish: in any case, anyway)
iofs: I Och För Sig (Swedish: in itself, i.e. per se)
lol: Interjection: internet slang | text messaging Used to express ... Translations: Swedish: lol, asg (asgarva )
MOT: Mobile Observation Team (ISAF)
OMG: slang. oh my God . slang. oh my gosh . ... Swedish | Internet | slang omogen
NN: Swedish : Abbreviation ... Not Now, commonly used as internet slang " "No name", nickname for unreleased songs without an official title.
STN: Surfing the Nations (humanitarian organization}

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